Wham, bam.

The Gatorade is starting to show.

Blue & Jrue — New uniforms for the Dance Team and a new leader emerging for the Basketball Team

Jrue Holiday is coming of age.  He is giving defenses fits, running the offense against  schemes intended to stop Darren Collison.  Jrue is racking up assists, rebounds, and points, all while getting the toughest assignment on defense.  Not only that, but he is piling up steals as well.  In other words, it’s okay to overlook his somewhat-streaky outside shooting and occasionally-overambitious pass attempts, in favor of all of his other across-the-board contributions.

Progress is good, and Jrue’s rising confidence will continue to take pressure off Collison, and it will continue to put pressure on opposing defenses.

Thanks to bruincivil for the pic of the new uniforms, and of Jrue doing his thing.