“Those were the DAYS!!!!”

Gee, Our Old LenDale Ran Great:  There’s no Stifling Dingbat Conman Pete Carroll, whose Meatheaded denials from the safety of his Seattle Bunker Stretch the limits of believability

Pete Carroll is learning that you can’t always have your cake and Edith too.  Lear-ing at the NCAA is his Norm, now that sc has been Docked, and it seems like total denial is All in the Family:  Reggie Bush also went to the Press this week, re-asserting HIS total lack of remorse.

Pom Pom Pete and his usc trojans went from Media Darlings to Laughingstock in 67 pages.  Jay Leno has made four different jokes at usc’s expense, across three different episodes of the Tonight Show… and here they are (paraphrased heavily):

1.  So I’m in the kitchen with a box of cereal and a carton of milk, in search of a bowl, but I couldn’t find one.  Hmmm,  No bowl… No bowl… Hey!  Just like usc!

2.  Things are so bad at usc, even O.J. is distancing himself!

3.  It sure was ironic when the usc players were told about the 2-year Bowl Ban — A room full of trojans but no one can go “all the way.”

4.  So, the NBA Finals match the Lakers and Celtics — One of the Classic Rivalries in all of Sports, like usc versus the NCAA Rulebook. 

And as far as I know, Leno has no affiliation with UCLA or Notre Dame.  And when Leno announced the Bowl Ban, the studio audience CHEERED.  See?  EVERYONE hates a cheater.

And Pete Carroll still doesn’t get it.  He toes the Company Line with his “We didn’t know” spin, but just like the trojans for the next two years, that statement is totally irrelevant.  The (impossible-to-swallow) claim that they didn’t know is not a Defense, it’s the PROBLEM.  How could they NOT know?  It is their RESPONSIBILITY to know.  But the NCAA investigation showed that they made no effort to know.  On the contrary, they looked the other way so much that their eyes got stuck that way (just like their Mothers warned them).

After parrotting the “we were clueless” mantra, Carroll complains that it’s too hard to control everyone.  There are too many players, and too many outside influences driven by greed.  How can he possibly monitor or control all that bad behavior?  Well, he could have started by not recruiting immoral, integrity-challenged buffoons, and then by not welcoming that bad, greedy leech element into his locker room, into his practices, and onto his sidelines at games.  Then, he could have checked up on the only four players who were WORTH the Agent interest.  If he had monitored those four, he would have found RENT illegalities, travel violations, and luxury items galore with three of them.

Carroll tries to explain away his lack of knowledge about Bush by saying that Reggie skyrocketed to Superstardom in a matter of weeks.  Of course that wouldn’t be a valid excuse, but Carroll’s assertion isn’t even true to begin with.  Bush led the Pac-10 in All-Purpose Yards and was 5th in the Heisman voting, BEFORE the problems started.  What a con artist Carroll is.

Carroll’s excuse for fleeing to Seattle is just as suspect.  He claims that the opportunity was just too good to turn down, but he has refused sweeter bids every year since ’05.  Then he asks, why wouldn’t he have left in the 5 years of investigations?  Does Carroll really think that the public is that dumb?  How about, because he waited until right before the decision was handed down?  It sure looks like as soon as rumors surfaced that the Investigation was complete, Carroll bailed.  His old friend LenDale White calls Carrol the guy who “RAN OUT ON” usc.  Of course White has a separate beef with Carroll:  Pom Pom traded for White on Draft Day, then CUT him soon thereafter.  So it makes sense that the out-of-work and bitter ex-trojan would lash out at the guy that sent him to the Unemployment line, and possibly out of the NFL forever.  By the way, White admitted smoking Dope after getting into the NFL, but says he’s “clean” now.  Maybe he should teach Carroll how to admit it when you break the rules.

White’s Backfield mate Reggie Bush told the Press on Wednesday that the sanctions were the closest thing to death without dying.  He didn’t mean the Death Penalty — He meant how much pain it brings him personally to see his school get into so much trouble.  But naturally, in vintage trojan style, he still didn’t admit that he is the villain in all of this.  When is Reggie going to have his Mark McGwire moment of realization, and come out crying about how hard it was to keep his dirty little secret?  Will he wait until the Appeal is kaput?  Will he wait for the Heisman to be taken away?  He recently announced arrogantly — in vintage trojan style — that no one was going to take away his Heisman.  It probably sounded like Mel Gibson as “Baveheart,” screaming that no one was going to take away his freedom.  Of course Mel Gibson and Reggie Bush have a lot in common.  One is a big-time Hollywood Celebrity surrounded by lavish Malibu luxury, Beverly Hills Power Brokers and every illegal Drug known to Modern Science, who seriously fell from grace when he pissed off some powerful and wealthy Jews… and the other one is Mel Gibson.  Someone should put Mel on a Flotilla.  And I’d be happy if someone just put Reggie ON THE STAND… under oath (like that means anything to a trOJan).


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  1. Jake Avatar

    You’re just beating a dead horse now.

    [T-H’s Note: What’s your point? This article is in response to BRAND NEW interviews of Carroll and Bush on Wednesday. Traveler may be deceased, but I’m not beating a dead horse — I’m beating LIVE jackasses.]

  2. Jake (different one) Avatar
    Jake (different one)

    Old news: usc.

    New news: dude, you actually watch The Tonight Show?!

    [T-H’s Note: Carson was the King. I actually prefer Letterman to Leno, but I like both monologues.]

  3. Robert Avatar

    Cheat Carroll Sucks!!