If you’re gonna go, DON’T LOOK BACK!

Hello emptiness:  Time is now Four Freshman to unVail decision about the Temptations, with his “Four Tops,” Everly-Righteous Lettermen Brothers listening, including Darren.

If the Four Freshman were still “all the rage,” Kevin Love would be staying at UCLA, because they didn’t leave early back in the Golden Age of Radio.  But since this is the age of Hannah Montana — when The Monkees would be way bigger than The Beatles if they both came out now — Kevin Love is fully expected to take advantage of his sure-lottery pick status and leave UCLA after just his first year as a Bruin.   The announcement — of whichever choice he made — is coming today, at Love’s Press Conference.

 The local media – especially Brian Dohn – has been reporting Love’s departure as a fact for days now, so if Love announces that he is STAYING, it would severely discredit Dohn’s WORD of honor.  Anything that Dohn claims to hear from his unnamed sources after that would be highly suspect.  Of course the L.A. Times also reported a similar slant – since called  “erroneous” by Ben Howland – so Dohn was not alone.

NO ONE really expects Love OR Darren Collison to come back, while it is being reported lately that Russell Westbrook, Josh Shipp, and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute won’t hire agents while testing the waters, thus allowing all three of them to return.  It seems like Love could ASSURE their return, with a return of his own.  Not only that, but they would be a prohibitive Favorite to Return to their 4th straight Final Four.

But if they all leave, it would be up to a whole new version of the Four Freshmen, who are going to be a smash hit, but whose DEBUT offering probably won’t go Platinum without some Love.Stairway to Kevin:  This season was just a “little slice of Kevin” (but no one expected to eat the whole [angel food] cake)

Hopefully, despite climbing the charts, the SUPREME Point Guard is no DRIFTER, and is coming back on a Silver PLATTER (but not to be a COASTER).

Guess who will cheer this “Love Blows Town” news more than anyone?

In fact, there will probably be jumping for joy in Tim Floyd’s office later.

If all 5 Bruin Starters leave, the trojans will really be STRUTTING… until Davon Jefferson and Taj Gibson also go for the dough.

If all 5 UCLA Starters leave, there will be a lot of shocked screams in Bruin-land.


3 responses to “BYE BYE LOVE, BYE BYE COLLISON?”

  1. Brent Fishman Avatar
    Brent Fishman

    My question is why doesn’t the NBA do what the NFL does and make the kids wait till their 3rd year? This way the NBA won’t have alot of the charactor issues it has now… It will also save alot of owners money on bust picks… This would also make college basketball great as almost any team any given night could beat some one else… Just my 2 cents.

  2. jp Avatar

    honestly t-h, i’m more nervous about who’s leaving the Dance Team. I hope Katie, Brianna, Elise, Kristin and the others are staying. We had a Dance Team for the ages this past year. Let’s hope the new recruits are all blue-chips!!!!!!

  3. This sure as heck beats reading Playboy in the dark wth a flashlight….