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Pirate loot is called the “Booty,” but OUR lost swag’s about the Beauty

Anyone who Googled “Booty” and got this article is going to be disappointed.  There is nothing in here about the underachieving trojan QB, and there are no close-ups of naked derrieres.  When we say “booty,” we’re talking about stumbling on to a forgotten treasure trove of photos that we neglected to post previously.  With all the excitement of BeatSC Week, and the Bruins being ranked #1 in Basketball, and the Football Coach being fired, we just plain forgot how many great photos were still sitting in the archives, still unseen by human eyes (other than our own).

But this week, while looking for something specific for a friend, we were stunned to find so many un-blurry shots that have yet to leave the hard drive.  So, your clamoring has worked:  Direct from the Oregon Pre-game Rally, here are a dozen more shots — with no hidden captions because there is nothing left to say other than we are blessed to get to be so close to these Heavenly Angels.































"BURIED TREASURE CHEST" was published on December 12th, 2007 and is listed in UCLA/usc/Cheerleader Photos.

Comments on "BURIED TREASURE CHEST": 10 Comments

  1. Ucla Spirit Squad Member wrote,

    Dear t-h,

    We [the girls of the UCLA Spirit Squad] all appreciate the flattering photos that you put up, despite all the requests for the crotch shots. I know it is difficult to not please all of your audience, but just know that your deference for us does not go unnoticed.

    Happy Holidays!

    [name withheld, not necessarily by request, but by t-h’s better judgement]

  2. t-h wrote,

    Dear You-Know-Who,

    “We” can not thank you enough for this validation. It means quite a bit to hear this from someone who really matters. We wish that everyone was on the same page about this, but since they aren’t and probably never will be, some readers will just have to get used to disappointment — Because you have our eternal and well-deserved loyalty. Of course, any man who could view the above pictorial and have their main reaction be “disappointment” is not any kind of man that we know, or care to know.


  3. steve t. wrote,

    Who is this website for? The Spirit Squad? That’s who “really matters”? I seriously hope you’re getting some. Weak.

  4. t-h wrote,

    Dear Steve —

    Well, we guess it isn’t for you. Luckily, there are plenty of voyeur/upskirt porn sites that you can surf. As for “getting some,” if you mean “respect,” then yeah, we’re getting some. If you mean sex, then you should know that everyone here is already married, so no, we’re not getting any.

    What you fail to understand is that in order to get good close-ups, we NEED to be NOT HATED by the Squad. We have decided that it is better to post hundreds of tastefully hot shots than to post a handful of shots that YOU want, and then lose the ability to take any at all.

    Sorry that you think it’s “weak,” but like we said, if the only reason you come to this site is for crotch shots, just try typing that into Google instead. And don’t waste your time responding, because if it is mean-spirited (again), then we won’t bother approving it for publication.


  5. RubenC wrote,

    As an artist I appreciate beauty in any shape or form, especially the Spirit Squad. As a happily married man I still appreciate beauty in any shape or form, ESPECIALLY the Spirit Squad. Keep up the great work guys and gals, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

    GO BRUINS!!!

  6. xavier wrote,

    Website guy,

    I don’t have any problem with you withholding the unflattering shots. It’s cool that you respect the girls enough to offer that courtesy to them. However, it’s hard to dispute that the primary function of cheerleaders is to inject some sex appeal into the games. Which is fine. But I get a little tired of cheerleaders (pro and college alike) benefitting from the titilation but protesting that they’re treated like sex objects. If you dance around in a skirt that barely covers your butt, guys are gonna look when you twirl and kick. That’s why they wear the skirts in the first place. If they want it to be purely about the game it’s easy enough to just wear long pants and refrain from doing straight-legged bend-overs. In other words: don’t entice me to look, then call me a perv when I do. Let’s stop pretending it’s completely wholesome and non-sexual. Just my opinion. Keep up the good work.

  7. t-h wrote,

    Dear Xavier —

    That’s a very impressive letter — Well thought out, well-stated, and logical. We do not have a single bone to pick with it.

    We don’t think that the girls think that “looking” makes you a pervert. In fact, they KNOW that we’re all looking, and taking photos with our cell phones too. They don’t have a problem with being watched, live, and having their powder blue “tap pants” seen for a “brief” time. But there is a HUGE difference between a live, split-second glimpse from 50 yards away, and a zoomed-in, blown-up, vividly high-resolution capture of that split-second, frozen in time and displayed for thousands of people to ogle for 15 minutes at a time.

    What we are trying to say is that: We agree with everything you say. We are no prudes, and we coyly admit to liking “sexy” shots. HOWEVER we also see the girls’ side, and respect the fact that a HUGE STILL on a highly-trafficked webpage is a little different than a quick kick that lasts a micro-second.

  8. xavier wrote,

    Fair enough.

  9. Dan wrote,

    Does the “no crotch shot” policy apply to cheerleaders from other schools too?
    Then maybe the first picture in this post should be edited or removed:

  10. t-h wrote,

    Dear Dan —

    No, the policy absolutely does NOT apply to any other girls outside of UCLA. Our agreement is with the Bruin Girls only. We doubt that ASU would have an issue with that photo, especially since the tap pants are dark-colored and thus not “revealing,” but if they did and officially complained, we’d probably take it down.

    Just curious: Are YOU offended by that photo, and if so, are you a religious man, or the girl’s father?

    As for the Women of Troy, if they requested us to take down a shot, we would be just as cooperative with usc as usc was with us in blocking our merchandising WITHOUT sufficient legal cause.

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