Hats off to A.P.

YIKES!  VIKES’ TYKE STRIKES:  Adrian Peterson’s 296-yard gi-Norv-ous performance breaks all-time NFL Rushing Record

A couple of years ago, when UCLA whipped Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl, Bruin fans got to see some special College players in Blue and Gold, like Drew Olson, Marcedes Lewis, and Maurice Jones-Drew.  But they also got to eyewitness someone in red and white, who they might end up telling their Grandkids about, and we don’t mean Rhett Bomar. 

On THAT day, Adrian Peterson showed some FLASHES of brilliance, but he was hurting, and wasn’t able to keep his team in contention.  He went on to be a Heisman Runner-Up, and is now a Rookie for the Minnesota Vikings.  He had an impressive first month of the season, for a Rookie, but this last few weeks, he has skyrocketed to the top.  A couple of games ago, he scored 3 TD’s and went over 200 yards to serve notice to the League that he had arrived, and then yesterday, he proved that it was no fluke, by doing it again.

Versus the San Diego Chargers, who were 7th in the League against the Run, Peterson scored 3 more TD’s, and rushed for an NFL Record 296 yards.  That’s not just a Record for Rookies — It’s a Record for everyone — topping by one yard Jamal Lewis’ previous mark.  Peterson DID set an All-Time Rookie Record as well:  He’s the FIRST Player ever to rush for over 200 yards twice in their Rookie year.

The Vikings lost their starting QB to a mid-game injury, and they gave up the longest play in NFL History, but still came back to win easily.  Charger Antonio Cromartie took a missed Field Goal back 109 yards for a TD, a Record that will NEVER BE BROKEN.  But the Vikings rebounded, with amazing BLOCKING, to give A.P. great opportunities to display his talent.

On the Receiving End of this Record is San Diego Head Coach Norv Turner, a former trojan Coach.  While one ex-trojan suffered from A.P.’s show, one trojan profited:  Keneche Udeze played a significant role in the Vikings’ slowdown of LaDainian Tomlinson, who Peterson ran circles around.  The Vikings also have one BRUIN — Punter Chris Kluwe, who has been doing great, and just signed a long-term, lucrative contract, but struggled yesterday, even missing Cromartie as the last line of Defense on the 109-yard Return.  But with the unparalleled performance by Peterson as an indication of things to come, Kluwe could be part of a very strong team in the near future (especially if they trade Udeze, for the sake of team chemistry — You know how trojan arrogance tends to rip locker rooms apart).

In the name of fairness, which we usually don’t give a crap about, we thought that we would mention that Reggie Bush scored two TD’s while his Saints beat Maurice Jones-Drew’s Jaguars pretty soundly.  However, MJ-D stole the highlight reel time, by pulling off a 100-yard Kickoff Return for a TD.  Also for fairness sake, we want to point out that LenDale White has, shockingly, put together three straight 100-yard games.  He’s no A.P., but at least he got out of the doghouse long enough to keep from getting cut like Mike Williams.

Finally:  Bruin Jordan Farmar had what might have been his best game as a Pro last night, as his spark lifted the Lakers to a big win over Utah.  Farmar took over late in the 3rd, and carried the team into the middle of the 4th, with several great plays.  He ended with 12 Points and 4 Assists in 17 minutes, and fellow youngster Andrew Bynum stepped up as well, to finish off the Jazz, and give the Lakers a very impressive two-game streak (including their thrashing of Phoenix two days ago).  With Rony Turiaf and Luke Walton playing unselfish, Jackson-ball, and Kobe doing his thing, the Lakers are outperforming ALL expectations, even their own, and this is with Lamar Odom still not back from injury.  Watch out, San Antonio.

Below are four more shots of Adrian Peterson at the Rose Bowl.  If the vote were today, Peterson would finish second (to Tom Brady) for MVP — not too shabby for a Rookie  — but that’s because he doesn’t have to elude Spencer Havner any more.

ARTICLE UPDATE:  We forgot to mention that former Bruin Assistant Coach Eric Bieniemy is Adrian Peterson’s current Running Back Coach, so maybe it was a touch of the Blue and Gold that pushed A.P. to the top.

A.P. will see that #4 again — It’s Jarrad Page now on Kansas City.

No, the Bruins aren’t the only team to suffer devastating injuries to star players.

   Ya gotta hand it to A.P. — Not even O.J. did what A.P. has already done.

Passing on the last chance for a “Yo Adrian” joke — Instead:  Call A.P. “The (Vi)King of Pain”


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    great article! nice recap of all the sports. farmar got crazy all of a sudden huh? go bruins!

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    Fox 71

    This is off any current topic, I suppose.

    Wasn’t Tuesday, November 6, the day that the lawyer representing the people suing bu$h were supposed to show their evidence to the NCAA? Have you heard anything about that, or is it just another lawyer blowing a bunch of hot air?

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    Fox —

    We have heard conflicting reports, and are waiting for something definitive before sharing anything.