Hey trOJans:  See?  The Tigers are #1, and that means that YOU AREN’T!!!  Try to remember that in 50 years.

Survivors of Rocky start, LSU pummels Ohio State like side of beef in 38-24 Title Bout TKO:  OSU goes ahead 10-0 but can’t dot Tigers’ “i,” leaving #1 LSU BCS Undisputed Champion (but that won’t stop trojans’ Raging Bull)

DATELINE: January 8th, 2058 —  The u$c trOJans celebrated the 50th Anniversary of their 2008 Football National Championship today, by holding a massive party on the Moon, emceed by u$c School President, O.J. Simpson.  The Juice drank a glass of Tang while singing the praises of John David Booty and Mark Sanchez, the tandem of Quarterbacks who led them to only two losses for the whole season.

While the 110-year old bionic Simpson ignored the fact that the BCS Title Game was won decisively by LSU, he pointed out that an informal poll taken at Papadakis Tavern yesterday at last call indicated that the trojans would have beaten LSU in New Orleans if given the chance.

The poll also showed that Stanford is #2, after defying a 41-point spread to beat sc AT the South Central Mausoleum.

You don’t think that’s far-fetched, do you?  Well, the trOJans did that very Title Falsification thing before, so who’s to say they won’t do it again?  Just always remember:  The trOJans’ historical credibility is equal to that of the Holocaust Deniers.  If Mel Gibson liked Football, he’d be a trOJan fan.

Here’s what happened last night, and you might want to jot it down, for the next time a trOJan tries to present an alternate version of reality:

The LSU Tigers, who were the first 2-loss team ever invited to a BCS Title game, became the first ever School to win TWO BCS Titles, by owning Ohio State, 38-24.  Ohio State scored on a 65-yard run by Beanie Wells, but after going up 10-0, allowed 31 straight points by LSU.  The Bucks never got closer than 14 after that, losing to an SEC team in a Bowl for about the 8th straight time. 

LSU, whose two losses were both in Overtime, benefitted from the BCS computers, which must treat O.T. losses like the NHL does, in order for the Tigers to get to the Title Game.  But once they settled down, they proved more than worthy.  The New Orleans, pro-LSU crowd was definitely a factor, but there was NO DOUBT who was the better team, and despite very even Total Yards for the Game, the best team won by two Touchdowns.

And speaking of NO DOUBT, there is no doubt whatsoever that LSU is #1, and u$c is not.  The Tigers scored a late TD that some think was gratuitous, and they had a couple of cheap shot calls, but they showed a lot more Class than sc did in their game.  You could clearly see that the trash-talking, taunting, rubbing it in, and extracurricular activity was MUCH less evident than in the Rose Bowl.

And there is also no doubt as to WHY.  While Coach Les Miles started the season taking arrogant, obnoxious shots at non-SEC Football, he ended it by refusing to say that sole 2-Time BCS Champ LSU was the ultimate, dominant Program right now.  That was pretty much a nod of respect to Pete Carroll, and maybe Urban Meyer.  He could have taken the bait, just to bask in the crowd reaction, but he showed some restraint, and really, a touch of class aimed at Pete.

But how does Pete behave when questioned by the media about other Coaches and Programs?  With lots of Class… all of it LOW.  When told that Rick Neuheisel might poach Ken Norton from sc, Carroll insinuated that Neuheisel would willingly and knowingly break NCAA Rules by contacting Norton prematurely.  He punctuated his mean-spirited and quasi-slanderous remarks by rolling his eyes at the thought of Neuheisel actually following the Rules.  What a freaking joke that the KING of flaunting the Rules (think Bushgate, Jarrettgate, Chaunceygate, Pelletgate, and all the evil shenanigans at the Cardinal Garden, etc., etc.) rolls his eyes at a guy who made some calls during a dead period.

And there’s more. 

(By the way, we know that this is OLD NEWS that was reported in the Times and in the blogs last week, but it was brought up again on Bruin Zone yesterday, so we decided to throw in our two cents, although at the time, we honestly felt that it spoke for itself)

 When asked if Carroll was worried about the Bruins, now that Neuheisel was in charge, Carroll, sarcastically and insultingly said “Shaking.”  Okay, yeah we know that he is just being humorous, but what he’s really doing is sending an obnoxious message across town, rattling his limp saber in a low class shot at his fellow Pac-10 Coach.  As someone on Bruin Zone correctly opined:  Could you imagine Ben Howland or John Wooden saying something so sarcastically derogatory about an opposing Coach?  Of course not.  But that’s what separates Bruins from trOJans, and Carroll’s lack of Class trickles down to permeate the whole Program, and it shows on the field, with all the late hits and bush league unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.

We have heard that LSU fans are NOT the most cordial.  At the 2006 Final Four, they weren’t violent or scary or anything, but they were definitely the least freindly of the four groups (George Mason folks were the nicest, UCLA second, Florida third, LSU fourth).   So it’s not like we care about them winning the BCS again — The point is that it must be documented, so that the trOJan spin machine can’t re-write History… again.

The Tigers are celebrating on Bourbon St,. while the trOJans are passed out on Skid Row (just a crack pipe’s throw away from campus)