The Ducks flew South a couple of games ago, and never turned back.

The Ducks lay a goose egg in 16-0 loss, making the Bruins eligible for a Bowl, including the Rose Bowl

Senior Day had its moments…

UCLA overcame their sluggish Offense with a shut down Defense to beat Oregon 16-0.  The Bruins used three Kai Forbath Field Goals, including a 54-yarder, to go up by 9, and Walk-On Tailback Craig Shappard ran one in later to make it 16-0.

 Osaar Rasshan started at QB for the Bruins, and he went 0-7 in the First Half, and had only one really good run, so Karl Dorrell opted for Ben Olson in the 2nd Half.  Olson looked rusty, but he still gave UCLA an upgrade over Rasshan’s lack of production.  Olson did just enough to eat up some clock, and keep the Ducks at Bay.

Of course with no sound and experienced QB’s the Bruin playcalling was conservative and boring, bordering on dismal.  But with the lead, and a bunch of walk-ons, you NEED to be conservative.  Still, UCLA ran up the middle more than in previous games, and didn’t get much out of this strategy.

Chris Markey returned from injury, and looked tentative, but was still able to gain over 90 yards Rushing.  He should look better next week, if he is given any holes to run through.  Some MISDIRECTION will be needed to accomplish that, but it’s probably not in the plans. 

Oregon lost a FEW QB’s to injury, in this game, so their fans shouldn’t be calling for their Coach’s head over their late-season collapse.  Regardless, congratulations to UCLA, who fed Oregon the Ducks’ first SHUTOUT in 22 years.

Just goes to show what happens to even an awesome Offense when you take away their Leaders.  And despite missing so many key players all year long, the Bruins could still get into the Rose Bowl, with a win at SC and an Arizona win versus ASU.  Unbelievable, and a moot point?  Yup, that’s what we said… last year.

Below are 18 more photos from the Game & Rally…

Taylor:  Smooth as National Velvet.

Ben Olson jump pass for a big First Down.

The Dream of Roses is not dead.

They slowed Markey down…

… but he managed to pile up 90+ yards.

A Senior Moment on Senior Day.

The Price is Right…behind the QB.

One of Rasshan’s record-setting incompletions (0-8)

Osaar’s one big run that converted a 3rd and long.

Take a drive down Lombard Street.

America’s Next Top Models?  Way to go, Ducks!

Oregon Cheer can aspire to the Title of “Second Best.”

Good thing Cheney hunts for Quail and not Duck, because it was Duck Season at the Rose Bowl.

Oregon isn’t Cal State San Bernardino, but “la differance” is still CRYSTAL clear:  The Bruins still rule.

Hey ABC Cameraman — Get back to work!!

Oregon can’t match this pair.

Do the Duck Girls have 271 “uni combos” from Nike too?

“Ice Cold Duck, makes us want to …”  [Last one for today, but many more to come…]


Don’t forget:  Monday at Noon:  The BeatSC Car Smash!

Dropping the hammer on suc.



  1. UCLADal Avatar

    Oregon has some nice looking cheerleaders. I’m impressed. Thanks T-H!

    It definitely was not a game for offensive prowess (Sid Gillman must be turning in his grave). When was the last time we won wtih 64 yards passing. Oh well…a victory is a victory and at least the seniors got a shut out for their last home game.

    Now it’s time to play the doofs. Hey Bruins, remember to let any sc fans you know to remind their players’ parents that rent is due on the game day, the first of the month. Maybe reggie can set up some charities for the parents to help them too since he’s now Mr. Charity in New Orleans.

  2. James Avatar

    Wow, the Oregon cheerleaders may have a slight edge over ours…

  3. t-h Avatar

    Dear James —

    No way!!!!!!! But we do rank them Second, above the rest of this season’s other opponents. We could show you some shots that might make you agree with us, but we don’t want to be called “cruel” again, like we were after we posted some “less-than-flattering” Cal State San Bernardino shots.


  4. cacabeans Avatar

    ucla cheerleaders > all. seriously.

    the pictures don’t do em justice. you have to watch them dance!

  5. UCLADal Avatar


    Here’s another trojan alumm to add to your blotter. I was reading an article on CNN.Com and figured this guy has trojan written all over him. Sure enough, he’s troy all the way!


  6. t-h Avatar

    Hey Dal —

    We’ve covered this SCumbag before, like when he said his jail cell is nicer than his dorm at sc, because the cell doesn’t have cockroaches, And now, as per your sensible request, we’ve added his name to the sc “blotter.” Thanks.


  7. RubenC Avatar

    Oregon cheerleaders run a close second, but our Bruin Babe’s are by far above and beyond reach!

  8. John Avatar

    While the UCLA cheerleaders are attractive, the uniform leaves something to be desired. It’s not so much that they’re not revealing enough, but that they don’t seem to accentuate their figures. They kind of look like kitchen aprons — kind of a boxy, matronly shape.