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Elton Brand chose Philadelphia Freedom over Baron & the Clips, because he recognized that The Bitch is Back in L.A., and his name is Donald Sterling

It’s time for a Funeral for a Friend:  Love Lies Bleeding in Elton’s hands, because Elton just Let the Sun Go Down on Baron Davis.  Yesterday, Elton Brand bailed on the Los Angeles Clippers, Levon’ like a Rocket Man, all the way to the 76er’s.  That’s right, despite rumors that Brand would stay in town FOR Davis, he has now officially gone Bye-Bye via the Yellow Brick Road to Philly, leaving Davis and Clipper fans demanding, Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart!  Sorry is the Hardest Word to Say, so Brand didn’t say it, but he has a bizarre explanation.

Brand signed his new contract yesterday, and so did Davis.  And Brand told the Press that there was never any “secret handshake” between him and Davis, for him to remain a Clipper.  In other words, Davis became a Clipper despite having NO guarantees that Brand would stay, and, Brand didn’t “betray” Davis by leaving.

And Brand and his Agent say that he has a pretty good reason for fleeing:  Clipper Owner Donald Sterling wouldn’t give Brand the time of day. 

According to the Brand Camp, (i.e. “One time at Brand Camp…”) the Clippers’ offer was very close to the Sixers’ offer, but when Brand wanted to discuss it further, Sterling refused to meet, or even speak with Brand.  Sterling allegedly LEFT WORD that his last offer was his FINAL offer, and that Brand could take it or leave it, and that Sterling would be just as happy if Brand turned it down, as if he accepted.  Then the message stated that Sterling would NOT make himself available to Brand for any further communication.

Brand and his Agent found this bitchy behavior by Sterling to be completely lacking in Class and Professionalism, and it told them that Brand was NOT WANTED.  So, just like that, Brand decided to take Philly’s offer, and escape the madness that IS Clipper Basketball.

With all that Salary Cap room cleared out (Maggette left, too), the Clippers need to make a big acquisition.  Baron cannot do it all by himself.  Hopefully, for Baron’s sake, Sterling will be insulted and inspired by Brand’s comments, and channel it into big spending, to make his team competitive.  ESPECIALLY if Brand is full of sh*t.  Although Brand gets the benefit of the doubt based on Sterling’s track record of wackiness, it IS possible that Brand was just repeatedly jerking Sterling around for a few extra dollars, and Sterling had finally had enough, drawing a line in the fiduciary sand.

Sterling probably does have HIS side of the story, so there might have been nothing that he could have done, but the bottom line is that, for whatever reason, he just lost his hope for a winning season this year, unless he quickly replaces the loss.

By the way, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute signed a multi-year contract with the Bucks yesterday, so congratulations to the new Prince of Milwaukee.  Hopefully, he’ll spend more time on the Bucks, than in the D-League.  Just because he signed a deal, doesn’t mean that they are going to automatically give him any quality minutes, or any miutes at all, for that matter.  But Luc is used to EARNING what he gets, and he will relish the challenge.  The Bucks shouldn’t be asking for a refund any time soon.

And speaking of satisfaction guaranteed…

…and if you aren’t completely satisfied, you can have your money back.

Talk about a “sterling” reputation — These Girls have one, Donald Sterling doesn’t.  Leaving things to the imagination since late 2005 (but founded in early 2004!)

If I were a Religious guy, I’d PRAY that Brianna and Katie aren’t offended by this photo.  Enjoy it now — I may have a change of heart and take it down.

I hope you’re all “glass half FULL” type of people.  (How about if I said that Elise’s “turn-offs” included “glass half-empty” people, and whiners?)

Gentlemen:  If you want to know how Baron feels, stand right in front of Kristin, just before she unleashes a kick like this one.



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  1. Marcus C.V. Avatar
    Marcus C.V.

    I’d put the blame on his (Brand’s) agent if anything. It stinks to see someone like Elton leave like that, but at least he’ll be playing in the so-called “weaker” Eastern Conference, so his #’s should improve.

    FYI, as it stands Lorenzo Mata-Real and Ced Bozeman (remember him?) will be playing on the Lakers NBA summer league team in Las Vegas over the next 10 days:

    and looking at the LVSL schedule, it seems like there’ll be a LOT of UCLA Bruins facing each other. Just glancing at the rosters and schedule, here are some interesting matchups w/ UCLA alums:

    7/11: Lakers vs. Detroit (Mata-Real/Bozeman vs. Afflalo)
    7/15: Milwaukee vs. Detroit (Mbah a Moute vs. Afflalo)
    7/16: Minnesota vs. Lakers (Love vs. Bozeman/Mata-Real)
    7/18: Charlotte vs. Detroit (Hollins vs. Afflalo)
    7/19: Minnesota vs. Milwaukee (Love vs. Mbah a Moute)
    7/19: Lakers vs. Denver (Mata-Real vs. McCoy)

    Go BRUINS!!

  2. Chuck Findley Avatar
    Chuck Findley

    Trojan hater,

    Thank you,

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  4. JosephineBruin Avatar

    Love the Elton John song references!