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It’s not “Hedy,” it’s “Hedley!”

On the day that “Hedley Lamarr” rides off into the Sunset, “Heady” Lamar, Wilder Sheriff Kobe, and the Lakers Polish off the Spurs

The World has seen the last live performances of two Legends:  Comedian Harvey Korman, and the San Antonio Spurs Dynasty.  Korman passed away yesterday at the age of 81, while the almost-that-old Spurs expired prematurely in their Best-of-7 series against the Lakers, losing Game 5 100-92.

Korman will be remembered as the Comic Genius from Bruin Carol Burnett’s TV Variety Show, often paired with Tim Conway, and from countless movies, including several Mel Brooks classics like “Blazing Saddles.”  In that one, he plays “Hedley Lamarr,” who keeps getting called “Hedy,” anachronistically. 

It is Hedley’s idea to send a Black Sheriff to Rock Ridge, causing the unforgettble cinematic mayhem to ensue.  And, it is Hedley who gives the inspirational speech to the army of villians before they head off to terrorize the town.  And it’s in honor of Korman that we take that speech and send it to the Lakers, who are about to take on the Boston Celtics (or Detroit Pistons) in the NBA Finals. 

Hedley’s lyric-recycling urges the band of cutthroats to “…go do that voodoo that you do so well!”  And it will take a little Black Magic for the Lakers to pull it off, and we don’t mean Magic Johnson (because he isn’t “little”).  What we mean is that the Boston/Detroit winner will be tougher than San Antonio was, especially with Home Court Advantage.

The Spurs, who blew a 20-point lead a couple of games ago, proceeded to blow a SEVENTEEN-point lead in Game 5.  The Lakers came out cold and sloppy, and even though the Spurs were cold too, San Antonio was still able to go up 28-15 after one quarter.  They got the lead up to 17, and the Lakers could have packed it in, knowing that they would have two more chances to close out the series.  But Jordan Farmar would have none of that.  Farmar scored the next SIX Laker points, on three straight baskets, to cut the lead to 11.  The Spurs countered, but Farmar’s burst of energy set the tone for the Lakers to stay focused and determined.

Kobe Bryant personally took over the game from that point, bringing the Lakers back to a single-digit deficit at the Break, and really erupting after.  Kobe scored 26 of his 39 in the Second Half, including 17 in the 4th Quarter.  He was simply unstoppable, on pull-up jumpers and slashes to the hoop.  He made the Spurs Defense look old, as he continuously beat the Defensive help to the hoop.  The Lakers dominated Points in the Paint, and as soon as they got even, they steadily pulled away.  Helping Kobe were Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol, who continue to show court smarts and great instincts, especially when the ball is above the rim. 

There was no bogus foul call for the Spurs fans to whine about in Game 5, as the Lakers proved to be the best team.  They were longer and more athletic than San Antonio, reminiscent of Memphis vs. UCLA, and despite a heroic Triple-Double by Tim Duncan, L.A. earned their first trip to the Finals since 2004, when the Pistons beat them.  That was the year of the Payton-Malone Nightmare, an ungodly experiment that blew up in the Lakers faces, and from which it took 4 years to recover.

Now the Lakers are back where they belong… FINAL-ly.  Now, they just need to win 4 more games.  C’mon, Lakers — Do it for Hedley! 

"BLAZING SAD-DLES" was published on May 30th, 2008 and is listed in Non-Rivalry News.

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  1. Josephine Bruin wrote,

    RIP Harvey Korman!
    You were a fabulous actor and I loved how you made me laugh! CAROL BURNET ROCKS!!! She’s a bruin alum….

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