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BETTER LATE THAN TROJAN — The Trojan-Haters Club is now on Facebook! finally takes the Facebook plunge

After 6 years of toiling away in the Zuckerberg-free zone, I finally started a Trojan-Haters Club Facebook page.  I just started it a few minutes ago, so be patient as I add more posts and photos to it.  However, it IS operational right now, so you can go there and “like” it, or “friend” it (I think).  I’m not sure about all the details of how a Facebook “business” page works, but I’ll figure it out soon.  All I know is this should make it easy for you to share with many more people, thus bringing the TRUTH to more and more people who have been in the dark about the Dark Side up until now. 

I tried to include a direct link here, but that didn’t work, so I guess you just have to go sign on to Facebook, and then “search” for “trojan-haters club,” and the site will come up.

Thanks in advance for checking it out, and for (hopefully) “liking” it and sharing it.  Now I have to figure out how to keep trojans from posting on it, without keeping Bruins from posting on it.  Hopefully, I can make it so that comments need approval before appearing, but until I do, it’s gonna be a nightmare, so bear with me.

"BETTER LATE THAN TROJAN — The Trojan-Haters Club is now on Facebook!" was published on April 5th, 2011 and is listed in Blue & Gold News, Non-Rivalry News.

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  1. Robert wrote,

    Awesome, it’s about time T-H!! I will add you right now.

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