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You’re invited, but your trojan friends can’t come

In 10 days, there will be another installment of “Woodenstock,” an all-day celebration of the greatest Dynasty in the History of Sports.  The best part of all is, you are invited, it’s local, and it’s FREE.  A local superfan hosts a recurring party, where he shows extremely rare and restored footage of UCLA Basketball games from the Glory Years.  He’s very outgoing, easy-going and friendly, and he would gladly welcome YOU to the event.  

Don’t hesitate to check it out, via the e-mail on the poster.  This is a VERY INFORMAL situation — It is one cool guy, just trying to share some of the priceless archives that he has laboriously compiled.  There are several monitors set up throughout the place, each showing a UCLA game from the John Wooden Era, with most people congregated in front of the living room set.  People drop in throughout the day, stay for a game or two, and take off.  At any given time, there might be about a dozen people there — ALL devout Bruin fans, in a good, friendly, nostalgic mood, revelling in the really good times.

Maybe some day, our Grandkids will be attending “Howlandstock.”


Below is a photo of Osaar Rasshan, now officially the Starting QB for the Bruins this Saturday against Arizona State.

Can he channel Vince Young long enough to beat the Devils?

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