From Ped State to State Pen — RB Silas Redd says his move from Penn State to U$C is purely a “business decision” —  which conjures up images of $pecial inducement$, and the idea that u$c’s $ucce$$ful recruiting in the face of sanctions is all a matter of money

When it’s time to escape the most scandal-ridden program in the History of College Football, would your first thought be to go to the second-most scandal-ridden program in the History of College Football?

That’s what Silas Redd has done this year, by leaving the school where the Coach was violating little boys, and transferring to the school where the Coach violates all the little rules and regulations of the NCAA… and the big ones too.  U$C is currently on Probation, and dealing with ongoing sanctions, due to getting busted for having a lack of institutional control.  Former Coach Pete Carroll, and former A.D. Mike Garrett, were nailed for breaking rules, and looking the other way as the star players were receiving obvious illegal benefits.  Carroll was replaced by Lane Kiffin, who has a history of ignoring those same rules.  U$C didn’t care about showing even the least bit of Integrity, by hiring someone with such a disrespected checkered past. SC also failed to cooperate, stonewalling the NCAA during the investigation, and thumbing their noses at the whole thing.

So this is the school that Redd chooses in order to escape the black cloud of pedophilia and cover-ups?  The Program that features more DUI’s and rape accusations and double-murderers than just about any other institution south of the NBA and NFL?  Maybe Redd just feels more comfortable knowing that he will look law-abiding in comparison to the people around him?

The NCAA forced the trojans to increase their staff of “compliance” officers, whose job it is to make sure that their athletic department is not violating the rules any more.  But will any of these guys be looking into Redd’s finances or living conditions?  Will any “journalists” investigate to see if he is driving a brand new SUV on campus like Joe McKnight was a few years ago?  Doesn’t anyone wonder how a lackluster Coach in a crime-ridden neighborhood facing strict NCAA scholarship limitations continue to strike gold in recruiting?  Are the stars really flocking to South Central just to play for a Coach whom nobody thinks can teach them anything?

OR… are all these guys just making BUSINESS DECISIONS?  When you make a business decision, it’s about making the most money you can, as soon as you can.  Is it possible that they are all going to THE HIGHEST BIDDER?  Are the deep-pocketed SC alumni still circumventing the rules, by funnelling cash to these players’ families?  How naive do you have to be, to think that money is not the driving force here?  If they just want exposure, or Championships, they would go to the SEC, who dominates ESPN’s schedule, and who has won every single BCS Title for years.  There must be another rea$on, right?

God knows it can’t be the band, or the uniforms, or the Cheerleaders, or the Academics.  Nope — it looks like the trojan recruits are just “takin’ care of business.”