The Beavers have it in their hands.

Like a twisted Dorian Gray, the team keeps getting worse, while the Spirit Squad keeps getting better and better.

The trojans are still dammed from the Rose Bowl, after the Bruins go down in the Second Half to the rejuvenated Beavers, who still control their own Destiny for a return trip to Pasadena

The UCLA Bruins may have flunked out on a TV “Quizz” Show, but they got a pretty decent Consolation Prize.  You don’t have to look far to find the Silver Lining in this one:  UCLA’s Second Half meltdown and resulting 34-6 spanking by Oregon State means that the Beavs are still ahead of sc in the Run for the Roses.

With Penn State losing, the BCS Rankings will be changing again this week, but sc is still a more likely candidate for Pac-10 Title, and the Rose Bowl berth, than for the Championship Game.  And for sc to get the bid, the Oregon State Beavers will have to lose.

The players on UCLA probably do not give a damn about that at all, but after Halftime, they played as if they did.  The game went from 3-3 at the break to 24-6 in a hurry,  thanks to an inconsistent Offense that couldn’t finish drives, and a tiring Defense that couldn’t contain Jacquizz Rodgers… or James Rodgers… or Sammie Stroughter… after a stellar First Half showing by DeWayne Walker’s crew. 

One thing seems certain — It doesn’t matter HOW good the Defense plays, because the Bruin Offense, which was 2-14 on 3rd Down,  is not going to score any more points at the Rose Bowl this year.

Bell had a few nice runs, but ended up with only 45 yards.

Moore’s fumble recovery was about the last thing the Bruins had to celebrate.

Hope to see a lot Moore of this in the upcoming years.

… and a lot LESS of these gigantic openings.

Craft isn’t winning anyone over, but it isn’t all his fault — It starts in the trenches.

The Beavers didn’t bring Cheerleaders, so it’s all UCLA today.  Hope you don’t mind.

Didn’t think you would mind — UCLA Spirit doesn’t need help from OSU (like sc fb does).

Last one for tonight — Another, bigger, All-Bruin, Beaverless photo spread coming soon.


6 responses to “BEAVERS OF DESTINY”

  1. J Avatar

    Without seeing the game, just the score, I can once again tell the most athletic thing on the field was located on the sidelines!

  2. Robert Avatar

    Inspite of a 3-6 record it was great to see more than 83,000 supporting the Bruins at the Rose Bowl yesterday, no doubt the Bruins have the best fans in the country. Back in the 90’s when usc a 500 team the averaged about 35,000 fans per game, so there is not doubt who has the best and most loyal “true” fans in the Los Angeles. This doesn’t mean however that the support will continue if things doesn’t start changing.

    For the life of me, I can’t understand how Kevin Craft can still be the QB, he’s put together 2 good quarters of play in 9 games – that’s 36 quarters!. It is obvious he is not a Division-1 caliber QB. He never looks at more than one receiver on the field, he misses too many opportunities with open receivers that obviously he has no intetnion to throw to.

    On a brighter note: Usually I’m too busy tailgating to actually go enjoy the Pep Rally by the Spirit Squads and the Alumni Band. Yesterday was different, I made time to go see them perform, and all I can say is the Bruin fans are so lucky to have the most beautiful and talented cheerleader in the country. The energy and enthusiasm they display on each routine is amazing. However what makes them more amazing is how nice and pleasant they are, every single one of them.

    I always was Katies’s #1 fan even prior to meeting her and exchanging a “hello” with her, but I’ve also had the previlege of taking pictures with with several of the other girls as well and engaging in small talk during the photo sessions before the game. Michelle, Kristle, Lisa, are Kristin are simply awesome, but the last couple of games I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting Brianna, and she’s not only gorgeous she also is very friendly and extremely nice. Whomever voted for these girls during the tryouts must be congratulated for making the right choices.

    Go Bruins! and Katie, and Michelle, and Brianna and . . .

  3. Jake Avatar

    I think that shows our state of our team this year when we are scoreboard watching for the Trojans

  4. nic Avatar

    WOW for BRIANNA…


  5. Andrew Avatar

    Good points Robert. I think we had just about the same amount of fans at the Rose Bowl as SC had at the Colloseum this weekend. One would think Cal coming to town for such a big rivalry would fill their staduim to the rim. It was nice to see the Rose Bowl packed.

  6. Robert Avatar

    I had to come back for a second look. HI BRIANNA!!!! 🙂