Par for the horse:  Trojan Dillon Baxter, doing his best Reggie Bush impression, gets busted for taking a free ride on campus, from an Agent in a golf cart (and I thought trojans only used golf carts when searching for the real killers)

So Baxter says he didn’t know.  Now where have we heard THAT before?

Usc trojan Freshman Running Back Dillon Baxter — dubbed “the next Reggie Bush” — EARNED that moniker on Friday, when he was banned from the team for their game tomorrow, for fraternizing with an Agent.  The trojans left Baxter at home when they boarded their jet for Oregon (State) today, because they don’t want more victories vacated.

Head Coach Lane Kiffin says that Baxter took a lift from a couple of students, having no idea that one of them was an Agent.  Yeah, right.  Their conversation was surely about schoolwork — I’m sure Baxter’s value as an NFL prospect never came up.  You would think that after usc already had gotten punished for lying through their teeth about dozens of similar events involving Agents, no one would swallow their B.S. excuses… but that doesn’t stop Kiffin from spewing them.

The question is:  How did Baxter get caught?  Did some random student spy the threesome, recognize the Agent as an Agent, and call Pat Haden to squeal?  Maybe a nearby co-ed actually HEARD them talking about Pro contracts and clandestine payoffs?  How about this one:  A competing Agent, also trolling campus for clients, saw it all and dropped a dime, just because HE didn’t get to Baxter first?  Or maybe he already had a deal with Baxter, but Dillon was negotiating a better deal with the rival Agent?

If Baxter got caught, despite his lackluster stats this season, don’t you wonder about all their BETTER players, who have much more value to the Agents?  Isn’t it unlikely that Baxter’s the only one lining up professional (and “illegal”) representation?  How much do you want to bet that a dozen other trojans have already verballed to different agencies?

Isn’t it nice that usc banned agents from the practice field?  Now they just criss-cross the campus, and hang out by the Ballroom Dancing classes, waiting for new suckers.  And is it true that the Agent was really a student at sc?  Do you think he “enrolled” (i.e. bought his way past [what passes for] “admissions”), just for easy access to trojan cash cows?

With the trojans already being on double-secret probation, do you think the NCAA will do ANYTHING?  Do you think that the NCAA really believes that ANYTHING has changed at the South Central cesspool of greed and immorality?  And most importantly, how will/should this affect usc’s APPEAL of their sanctions?  That Appeal should be completely THROWN OUT Monday morning.

Meanwhile, Kiffin probably thinks that by suspending Baxter for one game (against a cupcake that even UCLA beat) the NCAA will be placated.  More likely, he’s counting on the filthy-rich trojan alumni to find someone to bribe, to make this latest transgression go away.

Maybe the NCAA should just open up a branch office outside the steps of Heritage Hall.  Too bad they can’t use lie detectors on these guys — The whole sc Football Program would be disbanded before the season was over. 



  1. Jake Avatar

    Funny how Cam Newton continues to play, might be getting money who knows, but you ride in a cart and you’re benched. I guess when you have sanctions already you play it tighter.

  2. philwildcat Avatar

    I find it interesting that you constantly speak of USC being the unclassy school, yet you will post a picture of a guy flipping off a Trojan. At this year’s game, I witnessed many jerks flipping off the other team. Some wore SC colors and others wore Bruin colors. The truth of the matter is hundreds of A-holes exist at every school, and of course one is going to notice the ones of their rival team. However, constantly talking about the lack of class on USC’s part gets pretty old and hypocritical.

    [T-H’s Note: First of all, why send in the same letter under two completely different names, one implying an affiliation with Oregon State, and another with Arizona? Looks kind of disingenuous, especially in a letter complaining about hypocrisy). Secondly, the flip-off photo was done as a joke — The guy was just posing for the camera. Flipping off a mural for humorous effect is not classless like seriously flipping off an actual person to their face. Thirdly, I couldn’t agree with you more, that UCLA has some a-hole fans, as do all schools. In fact, if you look at the Bruinzone message board, you’ll see dozens of Bruin a-holes, whom I would love to see drop dead tomorrow. However, NO SCHOOL has a higher percentage of arrogant jerks than u$c — in fact, it’s no contest — and they seem to revel in that distinction. So I will continue to point out the blatant and unparalleled lack of class shown by the trojans, at least until the school’s Athletic Department is shut down (because that is where it all starts).