Smoked:  Bruins melt down and get toasted 7-1, as USC Starter Blake Cooper brings the (cream) cheese, to bagel UCLA for 8 innings;  But don’t give the ‘Cocks Rings just yet — Game 1 was served up to them on a silver platter

Something’s Fishy.  Those were NOT the real Bruins out there in Game 1 of the College World Series Championship Round.  After tearing through the Playoffs with great Hitting, Fielding, and especially, Pitching, the Bruins imploded in all 3 categories on Monday night, and got creamed by South Carolina, 7-1.

The USC Gamecocks now need just one more win to clinch their first Title, while the Bruins would have to beat the ‘Cocks twice in a row to attain THEIR first Title.  But just because the Gamecocks COMPLETELY DOMINATED Game 1, it doesn’t mean that they are going to do the same in Game 2 or 3.  The Bruin team that USC beat in Game 1 looked nervous and frazzled right from the start.

With Gerrit Cole on the mound, UCLA got victimized by several seeing-eyed singles, bloop singles, bunt singles, and even a check-swing RBI single.  The bad luck GOT TO Cole, who never really found his rhythm.  Cole was 3rd in the Country in Strike Outs this Season, but didn’t get a single K on Monday night until USC already had the game well in hand.  Cole ended up giving up more hits and more runs than he has all year long, even though SC was not exactly pounding him.

But the way Cole’s counterpart was hurling, USC’s Offense provided plenty.  Blake Cooper No-Hit the Bruins for the first 4 innings, and allowed only 1 hit for the first 8 innings, while the Bruins got only one ball out of the infield. 

WHAT IS IT WITH COOPERS FROM USC SCREWING UCLA?  It was just a few months ago when MICHAEL Cooper, the Women’s Basketball Coach from the OTHER usc, said “F*** UCLA!” at a Press Conference after his team beat the Bruins.  UCLA got revenge on THAT Cooper, when they Beat SC in the rematch, and the Baseball Bruins still have a chance to get revenge on Blake Cooper and the Gamecocks.

Just like in the Laker Finals, the team with their backs to the wall usually plays with more motivation, and if the teams are evenly-matched, the desperate team usually prevails.  Not only that, but the Bruins should be over their obvious jitters, which caused several costly fielding and mental mistakes during Game 1.

Game 2 is tonight at 4:30pm, and if the Bruins triumph, Game 3 would be on Wednesday at 4:30pm.  In Game 1, the Bruins forgot about the “JW” on their caps.  They will need to truly embrace that inspiration to come back now.  But no matter what, this UCLA team has already made school history, and has certainly made John Wooden proud.


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  1. Fast freddie Avatar
    Fast freddie

    Bruins defense was just a complete mess, add that with the inability to move the runners and you get a 7-1 loss. We just looked terrible last night. Big game today.