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The Cardinals want to say “Adios” to the alienated ex-trojan QB, but all they’re hearing from other teams so far is “No way, Jose”

At least no one is asking him to give back his Heisman.

It’s been a tough month for former trojan hero and Ballroom Dance Student Matt Leinart.  This season he was supposed to take over for retired Kurt Warner, but his poor play led instead to his demotion.  Last week, Derek Anderson started ahead of Leinart, and after analysis of the game film, Anderson was designated to start their next game as well.

This upset Leinart so much, that he blew up to the Press, and accused his Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt of having a personal vendetta against him that goes beyond the football field.  Leinart THEN scheduled a meeting to clear the air with Whisenhunt, but only after making the low-class move of whining to the Media first.  And if you are wondering, YES, Whisenhunt thought that Matt’s complaining to the Press was Bush League.

Leinart thinks that Whisenhunt has something against him non-football related, otherwise he would still be starting.  Leinart insists that — despite the stats — he has out-performed Derek Anderson during the preseason, and deserves to Start… based on Football.  Maybe Leinart has Mike Garrett Disease, and thinks that Whisenhunt is just jealous. Of course the Coach says that it has nothing to do with liking or not liking someone — It’s about who is the best QB for the Team.

But if it is not about playing ability, what does Leinart think it is about him that Whisenhunt doesn’t like?  Could it be his smug arrogance?  Could it be his lack of a work ethic?  Could it be his Hollywood Hot Tub, party-all-night attitude?  And more importantly, why didn’t any other team scoop him up on the first day he became available?  Even Manny Ramirez got picked up.  Maybe Leinart should borrow some female fertility drugs from the former Dodger… or from his fellow ex-trojan Brian Cushing, who apparently produces the substance from scratch, in his body.  Maybe he could inject some directly into Matt.

Maybe the trojans will have the last laugh:  Leinart could easily get signed by a decent team today, and then get the starting gig after one broken ankle to the 1st-Stringer.  Leinart could probably be the #2 QB behind Brett Favre in Minnesota, and suddenly be leading a team deep into the Playoffs, after one brutal Sack.  I can’t believe how poor Leinart’s career has gone — I honestly thought that he would have Carson Palmer-ish stats and lots of Postseason Starts by now.  He can’t possibly be as bad as some Fantasy pundits are claiming.  Yesterday, in an analysis of Larry Fitzgerald, one announced that Leinart is simply not a Professional-level Quarterback, and as long as he is Fitzgerald’s QB, Fitzgerald will never be a top Receiver.  I think that may be a bit of hyperbole, but it’s starting to look like the Arizona Cardinals think it’s an understatement.

"ARIZONA TRIES TO DEPORT LEINART LIKE HE’S SANCHEZ" was published on September 1st, 2010 and is listed in News from the Dark Side.


  1. Fast freddie wrote,

    Like I said before he is the perfect water and towel boy.

  2. Fasr freddie wrote,

    I see poodle pete doesn’t need a water boy, how sad.

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