Here’s to you, Mr. Robinson — Joltin’ Jackie’s here and here to stay.  Hey, hey, hey! Shades of Gray.

Breaking the Color Barrier was a historic feat worthy of bipartisan applause.

That’s what The Graduate from UCLA heard from Baseball’s Color Barrier 61 years ago today, and the Sport is Dustin’ off the memories (which should last longer than Plastics) with today’s “Jackie Robinson Day” (celebrating a trend that even trojans wouldn’t Buck) 

Some things transcend the Hatred of The Rivalry.  The last couple of days, we have observed a ceasefire of sorts, suppressing the temptation to crack mean USC Cheerleader jokes, out of respect for the victims helped by the Swim with Mike Charity.  We have been sharing photos of bikini-clad USC Song Girls, with complimentary captions — today included — because the Song Girls were considerate and caring enough to strip down to little string bikinis and let a bunch of testosterone-addled oglers click off photos with glee, all in the name of raising money for serious accident victims who can no longer ambulate without technological aid.   Lampooning a cause like that just because it is affiliated with Southern Cal is NOT what we are about.

Similarly, even the Bruin-hating Trojans would have a hard time denigrating the legacy of the Great Bruin Star Jackie Robinson.  To do so should – and might actually be – considered a Hate Crime.  Of course ALL Bruins are proud of what UCLA’s only 4-Sport Letterman in History did for the History of this Country.  It is comforting to know that UCLA’s most famous Sports Figure of All Time is someone so universally respected (except maybe by brownshirted, skinheaded Neo-Nazis and hooded and cowardly KKKer’s), while the Trojans are stuck with O.J. Simpson.

Robinson’s jersey #42 has been unprecedentally retired by EVERY Team in Major League Baseball, but in honor of today’s Nationwide Jackie Robinson Day observance, many players, including the Angels’ Garret Anderson, are scheduled to bring the #42 jersey out of retirement and wear it in tribute.

Since it all went down 61 years ago, if you perhaps have Parents or Grandparents in their  70’s, they could probably tell you detailed personal stories, about how a Bruin changed the World.  When Jackie first played in the Majors, you could imagine that everyone in the Country heard about it, and was ultimately effected in a profound way.  The Trial of the Century also effected the whole Nation profoundly, also in a Racially-charged way, but in the long run, Jackie’s was the Uniter, and O.J. was the Divider. 

Below are 7 more photos from Saturday’s fundraiser, the last 6 featuring the USC Song Girls at their best.

UCLA Lifeguard getting a little Trojan Love. 

Cause and Effect:  Don’t forget that this Event, and cease-fire, are for a good cause.

Where are all the “thank you’s” from people who have been BEGGING for shots like this?

Some idiot blogger used the term “sluts,” which is totally unfair — Nothing they did at this event warranted that kind of response.

Cheer’s Captains tubing.  Where’s Captain Stubing?

We never get TIRED of Floating Cheerleaders to you.

The plunging Girls (and necklines) helped the Fundraising efforts do anything but plunge.



  1. Chuck Findley Avatar
    Chuck Findley

    Trojan Hater,

    Thank you!

    Kick shots have been too long an unremembered dream. Your site is fantastic. It’s the alpha and omega of my day. First thing with early morning coffee and last thing before late night sporting action. You are a demi god!

  2. Bleeding BluenGold Avatar
    Bleeding BluenGold

    Why can’t you guys organize a fundraiser and get our dance team to swim in a pool. I’ll help!

  3. jp Avatar

    Wow t-h, I didn’t know you were in a bad accident! Glad you’ve recovered with no amputations!

    What would we do without you or this site!

    [t-h’s note: Thank you. By the way, it was no “accident.” The Police “forensics” proved the incident to be one in a series of INTENTIONAL Hit and Runs (And no, they never caught the guy). I watched the Bruins win Banner 11 in the Hospital, under the influence of a patient-controlled Morphine drip.]

  4. Flashmanbahadur Avatar


    Swimming with Trojan Hater! What a concept! With the right publicity, you’ll make millions for worthy causes.Who wouldn’t pay big bucks to cavort poolside with the UCLA Spirit Squad? TH, make it happen!
    Anyway, I’ll be writing a check thanks to your good work and good deeds.

  5. frank Avatar

    those girls have nothing on our BRIANNA or KATIE… NOTHING! as a matter of fact they have nothing on any of our TEAMS! I’ve already asked you once but can we clone BRIANNA and KATIE and form an ALL-STAR DANCE TEAM!!!! Man that would be a dream come true!!!!

    BRIANNA when you go BIG don’t forget about the little people and don’t forget about Mr. Trojan Hater who provided “US” with such beautiful pics of you ALL year long!!!! I’m just HAPPY that I witnessed first-hand the making of a true piece of art…

    Go BRUINS and Go UCLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and you know what’s next…

    [t-h’s note: Hey — Do they need to take out a T.R.O. against you?]