It’s a FELONY arrest for ex-trojan QB Mitch Mustain, for SELLING prescription Narcotics — That makes THREE ex-trojans busted just THIS WEEK

MUStain couldn’t ABstain?

Mitch Mustain, the back-up Quarterback for usc last year — who started only one game in his sc career… and LOST it to a weak Notre Dame team — just got thrown in jail yesterday for peddling prescription Narcotics.  His bail was set at $30,000, but for some reason was reduced to $10,000.  Could it be the same trojan connections that refused to file Felony charges against ex-trojan Everson Griffen, who just got busted for, among other things, grabbing a Policeman’s balls?  But the reduction didn’t help immediately — At this posting, Mustain still couldn’t come up with the dough, so he is still incarcerated (according to ESPN).

Unlike Griffen, Mustain’s crime is unquestionably a FELONY.  Not only did he possess the narcotics, but he was trying to sell them.  Perhaps since he was so worthless to his trojan teammates all those years, he decided to make himself useful, by supplying them with illegal meds?  Or maybe he just needed the money, as he started to realize that the NFL is not knocking down his door?

Mustain is not the first trojan to be accused of illegally DEALING dangerous drugs  — A few years ago, authorities found over a hundred X pills in a room shared by Eric Wright and Hershel Dennis (“allegedly,” as is everything with usc until the trojan D.A. gets his slimy hands on the evidence).  And that doesn’t even count all the steroid trafficking that usc is notorious for.

Speaking of ‘roids, it was ex-trojan O.J. Mayo getting busted less than a week ago, for steroid precursors.  Mayo got suspended for 10 games by the NBA, and denied knowingly juicing.  How long until Mustain denies selling pills?  With trojan hands deep into the L.A. justice system, this whole Mustain case will probably disappear quietly, without any actual “justice” being delivered.

Meanwhile, Rick Neuheisel has not confirmed or denied the Rocky Seto rumors, meaning that it’s still possible that he plans on hiring one of these ex-trojan SCumbags onto his staff.  Could it be that he WANTS a drug-pushing, crotch-grabboing, snot-wiping, double-murdering thug to come to UCLA, to take the spotlight off of himself?  Ex-trojan Seto could sponge up all the blame and hatred that was about to be targeted at Rick.  With Neuheisel doing horribly on National Signing Day, he really might have to dig deep to avoid the shrapnel, and maybe a (sub)HUMAN (trojan) SHIELD is just the ticket.



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