Feel like a number — While the trojan Football team’s players are unethically changing jersey numbers in the middle of games to trick opponents, UCLA’s Spirit Squad just quietly remains at #1… No fooling!

BUSH LEAGUE.  That’s how you describe what Lane Kiffin and u$c are doing.  The school that’s famous for giving back Reggie “The Cheater” Bush’s Heisman and vacating all their wins while he was playing there, is up to their old tricks, blatantly ignoring the rules of Class and Integrity, by having their players switch jerseys DURING games, and re-entering the game disguised as worse players, so they can escape defensive scrutiny and get cheap, easy scores.

Duplicate numbers ARE legal, but any attempt to use them to DECEIVE the opposing team is NOT legal.  So why is u$c getting away with it?  They are obviously trying to trick their opponents.  On Saturday, against hapless Colorado, Kiffin sent out a QB dressed in the punter’s jersey, and since no one was worried about the punter making a play, the QB scored.  The score was wiped out by a Holding penalty, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that sc is making a mockery of the rule book, and incorporating cheating into their weekly gameplan.

And speaking of penalties and cheating, sc leads the Country in Penalties, and even had a guy thrown out of the game on Saturday for committing a blatant personal foul.  The player was expected to be suspended, but of course, no further punishment was administered, because the player claimed that a Colorado player spit on him, and he was just retalliating.  Nice excuse… because it worked.

Sc will always be sc.  They will always look for SCuzzy ways to get ahead, Ethics and Sportsmanship be damned.  This is what they are all about.  No one in red and gold could care less about “how they play the game,” as long as they win.  Their fans are applauding this illegal deception.  Bruin fans wouldn’t want to win by sleazy methods.  Bruins want to win with honor.  Herein lies the difference between UCLA and u$c, and some things will never change… like UCLA’s Spirit Squad being the best in the land.  And here are 40 more brand new examples to illustrate that fact.