Involuntary Stan-slaughter — With UCLA missing 3 All-American level Defenders, Stanford beats the Bruins to a bloody pulp, behind an All-American assault by Running Back Christian McCaffrey, who amasses 369 Total Yards and 4 Touchdowns in a 56-35 massacre

It was no contest.  For the 8th straight time, Stanford has defeated UCLA, and like in most of those games, the Cardinal was dominant.  The final score was “only” 56-35, because Stanford was merciful and took their foot off the gas starting late in the 3rd quarter.  But it wasn’t just the Cardinal who doomed the Bruins — it was also the Bruins, and the Refs, who doomed UCLA.

I am in NO WAY blaming the loss on the Refs.  The best team won, and won easily, dominating both lines of scrimmage, tackling better, executing better, and playing with more emotion and fire.  That being said, the Refs blew several key calls in the first half, that would have at least kept the game close for a while.  They called a ticky-tack pick play Offensive Pass Interference that led to a Josh Rosen Pick 6; They called an inconsequential violation on a formation that negated a Bruin Touchdown; They missed a blatant holding call AND block in the back on the same player on the same play that would have been a Bruin Sack, and they blatantly blew a call that resulted in Bruin WR Kenny Walker being ejected for targeting.  The ESPN announcer called it a ridiculously horrible call.  It was actually a great block.

All those calls, and several others, had an impact, but on this night, good refereeing would not have changed the final outcome.  More than the Refs, UCLA can look in the mirror and blame themselves.  Not only did they commit a lot of legitimate penalties, but they also missed repeated defensive assignments, missed a ton of tackles, and DROPPED TWO SURE TOUCHDOWN PASSES.  Rosen also threw a Pick Six and had another bad Interception on top of that.

But, but, but… even if UCLA had played to the best of their ability, the Bruins were outmanned and outgunned and simply out-played by a better Stanford team, in the Cardinal’s home stadium.

UCLA will have another Thursday Night opportunity to salvage the season, when Cal comes to the Rose Bowl next week.  Until then, instead of drowning your sorrows in alcohol like a certain former Coach, soothe the pain with these 50 photos of the UCLA Spirit Squad.

But first, one comment about the Dodgers being eliminated by the Mets:  New York Met 1st Baseman Lucas Duda set a new ALL-TIME RECORD FOR SUCKING in the N.L.D.S.  Not for going 2-for-18 at the plate, but for striking out ELEVEN times!!  And why am I mentioning this?  You guessed it — Duda is a trojan!!  Camptown Ladies sing this song, Du-da, Du-da!  Camptown Racetrack five miles long, oh, de Du-da day!