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UCLA Cheerleader Photo Hall of Fame


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 The 50 photos below are my FAVE FIFTY (out of 50,000) postable UCLA Cheerleader Pics that I have taken over the last 6 years.  This is PAGE 1 of the Hall of Fame.   Page 2 contains my SECOND-favorite 50 shots;  Page 3 has my 3rd-favorite 50 shots, etc.  There are SEVEN Pages in all , with 50 pics each, for a total of 350 shots.  These 350 selections were based not only on the respective beauty of the various Girls, but also on the quality (by pure luck) of the photography itself.  In other words, a perfectly-lit “9” is better than a dark and grainy “10.”  In addition, I tried to mix it up a little for variety.  Some near-flawless photos ended up on Page 2 or Page 3, solely because they were almost identical to a shot already on Page 1.  And lastly:  The photos are NOT Ranked WITHIN each set of 50;  It’s just the best 50, then the next-best 50, etc.  And the 50 photos on each page are ordered on that page by TYPE of shot (NOT by Ranking).

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TOP 50:

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