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Living the Dream!

Okay, so it’s not The Bush Push, but it’s definitely a shove in the right direction

Everyone is searching for Nirvana, and sometimes, you need a little sherpa-like guidance.  And once you have found the proper path, sometimes you still need a little nudge to get you going on your way.

The anonymous little kid depicted in this photo needed a little coaxing, to do something he’ll be wishing he could do every night for the rest of his life — walk into the welcoming arms of a whole slew of beautiful young girls.  Since I was about 7 years old, most of my dreams start just like that.  And now, I watch my recurring dream come true, for every little kid besides me, game after game after game. 

It’s not a sad thing, as there is a certain vicarious enjoyment to be had, especially when the kids grasp the awesome-ness of the opportunity.  But usually, the kids have NO IDEA how lucky they are, and have to be persuaded to join the Girls.  The Powder Blue Persuasion doesn’t always work, as some crying kids run away, never knowing what they missed.  But others get photos that they will cherish forever,  reminding them of an innocent time gone by, when being closely surrounded by six gorgeous women didn’t hold a candle to holding one single ice cream cone.

The photos that appear below (and all throughout this site) are a way to be the Guiding Hand for thousands who still aren’t convinced that UCLA is vastly superior to all others.  And today, they are dedicated to Bruin /Laker Star Jordan Farmar.  With Farmar playing a substantial supporting role, the Lakers just SWEPT the Denver Nuggets out of the NBA Playoffs 1st Round 4-0. 

Even without the still-injured Andrew Bynum and (Bruin) Trevor Ariza, the Lakers and especially Kobe looked fantastic during the Series, with Pau Gasol delivering everything that anyone could have asked.  The Laker Defense looked loose at times, but they were playing the highest-scoring Offense in Basketball, so there’s no shame in giving up some points to them.  However, the Lakers will have to tighten it up a bit if they want to keep going deeper into the Playoffs.  Their next foe is the winner of Utah/Houston (probably Utah), who will present a MUCH tougher hurdle than did Denver.   Bruin Jason Kapono got knocked out with his Toronto Raptors yesterday, but Farmar — and Bruin Arron Afflalo of Detroit — are still alive, and it’s fantastic to see those two STILL playing in the month of May.

Now… here are some more Cheer Shots from Saturday evening.  Before you make ANY comments, read my urgent note near the end of yesterday’s comments, as the mandate to stop drooling over a certain person has been laid down.  It’s a great way to check for early warning signs  (You sadly “old-fashioned” Dads know what I mean)

Happily, the Girls show no signs of being jaded.

Not to be arrogant (we try to leave that to trojans), but you Kara Fans should give me the “We’re not Worthy” salute from “Wayne’s World” for this one.

The Bruins have a new Player ACTUALLY named “Michael Angelo,” and I think his namesake sculpted  Kristin out of a magical slab of marble.

The Softer Side of Cheers.

This one’s for the vocal guys out there who would like to see “Kara nightly.”

UCLA Cheerleaders:  Outstanding in their field, out standing on the field.

So much for the imagined anti-Kara Conspiracy, huh?

Meet me at the intersection of So Cute St. and So Sweet Ave.

24 Kara Solid Gold

"A GUIDING HAND TO THE PROMISED LAND" was published on April 29th, 2008 and is listed in UCLA/usc/Cheerleader Photos.


  1. Dan wrote,

    WE give up…

    Drop me an email when more pics of BRIANNA are posted!!!

    Go UCLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go BRIANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [T-H’s Note: Hey!! I didn’t say that you had to go away. And I didn’t say that I was going to stop posting Bri shots, although that shouldn’t be the ONLY reason you come here. So don’t expect an e-mail — You’re just going to have to “suffer” through the rest of the content, while scanning for the one and only thing that you want. But don’t worry, it should still be WORTH it for you. And Bruins NEVER “give up.”]

  2. hornsfan wrote,

    btw, I know folks have seen the cheerleader the week gallery of Brianna, but not sure if anyone has linked to this gallery of cheerleaders from the NCAA west region bracket. the first 8 shots are of the lovely ladies of Westwood:

    there are 42 shots in the gallery total, but I think we can all agree that UCLA was a #1 seed both on and off the court. 🙂

  3. John wrote,

    Beautiful! Thank you t-h, we’re definitely “not worthy!”

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