Ex-trojan Fili Moala gets busted for endangering kids of all ages, by allegedly putting the pedal to the metal while intoxicated

Fili-busted?  Say it ain’t Mo!

Yet another ex-trojan got caught allegedly breaking the law yesterday, when Police nabbed Indianapolis Colt Defensive Tackle Fili Moala for Driving While Intoxicated.  Apparently, you can take the Fili out of the troy, but you can’t take the troy out of the Fili.  Just two years removed from being a proud member of the Carroll Collective that brought disgrace and sanctions to usc, Moala was supposedly Speeding through town in his Toyota Tundra.  Toyota??  Hey — Maybe the accelerator got stuck!  Paging Carmen Trutanich!  Seems like an easy case to win.

But the Cops wouldn’t have bought that excuse at the scene, because they said Moala’s eyes were all glassy and bloodshot.  In fact, they cited him not just for Speeding and the DWI, but also for Public Intoxication.  He admitted to them that he had drunk about 5 or 6 drinks.  That may seem like a lot for a normal person, but for a freak of nature like Moala — or any other NFL Lineman — drinking a six-pack probably wouldn’t be enough to make him a menace on the road.  But based on the Police description, it sounds like it might have been six Long Island Iced Teas.

The arrest took place around 2:30 in the morning, on a surface street, but just how radically he was Speeding was not reported.  If Indiana is like California, he probably wasn’t going more than 20 or 30mph over the limit, or it would have been written up as Reckless Driving.  Of course Indy is the home of the Indy 500, so Speeding SHOULD be mandatory… but not while wasted.  And Moala is actually the SECOND Colt this year to get a DUI… and at least the second ex-trojan, after Rey Rey (who probably texted Michael Morgan with congratulations after that brutal and illegal hit Morgan put on the Hawaii QB’s head Thursday night).

The Colts have not commented yet, and neither has the NFL, but a Suspended Driver’s License may not be the only Suspension in Moala’s immediate future.  That Carroll sure recruited CHARACTER, and groomed them into Champions.  Good thing that Moala’s apparent lapse of judgment happened when there were no little kids on the sidewalk or crossing the street.  I wonder where he’s driving for Labor Day?