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Happy 99th Birthday to John R. Wooden, the greatest Coach in History

Today should have been a National holiday.  99 years ago, a true American legend was born.  And 99 years later, he is still inspiring young people to succeed in Life.

The current Bruin Basketball team posted a video tribute to Wooden for his Birthday, and it is very pleasing that all the youthful Bruins — who weren’t even born when Wooden was Coaching — understand what Coach is all about.  They talk in the video about how much respect they have for all he has accomplished for UCLA and for the Country in general.  And, they also have personal relationships with Coach, and they say that they wouldn’t trade them for anything.

One of the players even said that his recruitment visit with Coach was the most inspirational conversation of his entire life.  Stanford may have Condalezza, but UCLA has Coach.  Surprisingly, none of these young studs seemed jaded about their connection to a God of Basketball’s Past.  They even mention that they try to follow the Pyramid of Success in their daily lives. 

Like the players, you too can send your B-day wishes to Coach, on a special website.  Just Google him after you take in the following photo-tribute of UCLA Cheerleaders, to one of the greatest human beings that I have ever met.

The Spirit Squad is also well aware of Wooden’s legacy of greatness.

A study of Wooden = PROFILE in courage.

Wake me when someone else wins 88 straight games.

…or 7 straight National Championships.

…or 4 undefeated seasons (No one else has done it more than ONCE).

I’m glad he wasn’t in a hurry to re-join his beloved Nell in Heaven.  Like Heaven, Nell Can Wait.

They were married for 53 years.  I wonder if they ever had fights.  If they did, she’d probably win 88 straight.

I wonder how Wooden feels about Cheerleaders, and whether he thinks some of the outfits (like Oregon’s) are “too sexy?”

How appropriate that UCLA’s best Coach is a Saint, while sc’s best Coach is a Sinner.

Human Pyramid of Success (sort of).

I think I know what I want for MY Birthday.

… and every other day too.

Maybe Neuheisel can get Wooden to give the Football Team a (much-needed) pep talk.

… because the Offense has been about as productive as the Four Corners stall that Wooden hated.

See the Gatorade cups?  This photo could be an ad for them.  “Is it in you?”

And speaking of sexy Oregon…

You think that whiny, prudish reader will complain about this shot too?

Does this make you want to become a Tissue & Oregon Donor?




4 responses to “99 BOTTLES OF CHEER ON THE WALL”

  1. qester72 Avatar

    Brianna Brianna Brianna, Love Love Love her! Thanks for all your work and GO BRUINS!

  2. Robert Avatar

    Oregon Girls are….hotttttt!

  3. SCopper Avatar

    Wonderful pictures of wonderful young ladies. Thank you.

  4. James Avatar

    OK, the new half-asian girl is going to be the new Kyrra/Chelsea. Bank on it