Big FavoritesWhat a spread — UCLA is favored by 42  (i.e. 6 Touchdowns) on Saturday, and “42” is also the name of the movie about legendary Bruin Jackie Robinson (who wore #42 in the Majors), so here are 42 photos of the Bruin Cheerleaders, who personify the HUMILITY of Jackie that the Football team will need to master

“Dealing with success” is a new concept for the UCLA Football team.  It’s been decades since they’ve enjoyed the success that they are on the verge of experiencing.  Being favored by 42 points over any FBS team is quite a statement.  It means that Oddsmakers predict that half of the betting public actually thinks that the Bruins will win by more than 6 Touchdowns.  It takes a little bit of success to persuade wagerers to plunk down real dollars on the hope that the Bruins will score several meaningless Touchdowns even after the game is well in hand, even when the second and third string are on the field.

It’s easy for this “notoriety” to go to the players’ heads.  If they come out complacent, they will not perform up to their potential, and they could be in for a shock.  U$C lost to Stanford when favored by 41, and Michigan lost to Appalachian State not that long ago.  So, anything can happen, when you start believing your press clippings, and you take a weak foe for granted.

Signs of overconfidence are starting to appear, including one player talking smack this weak about the upcoming Rivalry Game, which doesn’t even take place for a couple of months.  Confidence is good, arrogance is bad.  The Bruin players need to take a lesson from the UCLA Spirit Squad — These girls are carrying on a Dynasty as best in the Country for several years running, but they never stop being humble.  The girls are not divas — They are still down-to-earth and always gracious, even as they are idolized, adulated, and adored by millions of fans around the Globe, from here to China and back.

Here are 42 Cheer photos from the Nevada game and pre-game rally — 42 exhibits of evidence proving that the squad has every reason to be cocky… but they are too level-headed and too mature to give in to the temptation to be snobs.