Heel! — Disgraced ex-trojan Asst. Coach Todd McNair, who once got busted for dog-fighting, refuses to roll over and play dead, as he appeals the NCAA ruling against him

The NCAA should reconsider the TV Ban for usc, just because the trojans are showing absolutely NO REMORSE.

Yesterday, yet another trojan refused to accept the reality of the NCAA’s detailed findings.  The latest trojan-in-denial is one of the main targets/victims of the investigation, Running Backs Coach Todd McNair.  Just like McNair’s protege, the equally-disgraced Reggie Bush, McNair is denying everything, and even taking it a step further, by accusing the NCAA of misconduct.  At least he didn’t accuse them of “envy,” like the also equally-disgraced Mike Garrett did.

Basically, the Appeal claims that the NCAA arbitrarily decided to take Lloyd Lake’s word over McNair’s.  Apparently, Lake, the Bush Agent wannabe, testified that McNair was aware of Bush’s cheating.  Lake’s version of events contradicts that of McNair, but WITHOUT PROOF, the NCAA just BELIEVED Lake, and based on that belief, they decided that McNair had zero credibility.

Lake is not exactly known for his integrity, so McNair could be telling the truth.  Supposedly, the NCAA had photographic evidence of McNair’s presence at an event where Reggie was in the act of receiving illegal benefits, but maybe Lake really did “Photoshop” McNair into the pic.  Of course, if Lake could have really pulled off something well-executed like that, he probably never would have gotten in bed with a Bush.

McNair’s Appeal is separate from usc’s Appeal, which reportedly faces a massive burden of proof.  McNair’s may have a better chance, since he is just trying to get them to rescind his label of “big liar,” and rescind his 1-year ban from associating with any recruits.  However, since he is accusing them of basically having an evil agenda of persecution, are they really going to be sympathetic to his pleas? 

It MAY be that he is attacking the Compliance Committee, and NOT the NCAA, and it is the NCAA who could overrule the Committee?  If so, you still wouldn’t think that the NCAA takes kindly to his approach.  It sounds more like language in a lawsuit to be decided by an impartial entity, as opposed to an Appeal TO the NCAA.  But the ex-dog-fighting guy wants it to be known that he does not lack credibility.  Whether the NCAA will come out and confirm that, waits to be seen.

Speaking of lacking credibility, the NFL has decided that endangering lives is not worthy of a suspension.  The League announced this week that ex-trojan Rey Maualuga — who got busted for a DUI — will not have to miss ANY action.  He will be out there on Week 1 for the Cincinnati Bengals, terrorizing ballcarriers, just like he was potentially terrorizing pedestrians a short while ago.

He didn’t get away totally unscathed, like Reggie and Pete Carroll did — He was fined by the NFL for two games worth of salary.  Big deal — As if a little pocket change to a millionaire is going to keep him from drinking and driving again?  If he were reduced to a spectator on the sidelines for Opening Day, now THAT would have sent a message — to him, and to all the potential drunk drivers drinking Beer and watching the game on TV between Beer commercials.  But maybe the Trutanich Spirit oozed into Cinci, and someone cut a deal.  The only questions now, are, how long until Rey Rey takes a swing at new teammate Terrell Owens, and how long until he Appeals his 2-game DUI Fine?