Nunn had ‘em Flying.

I’m a teaser, I’m a virgin, I’m a one-night stand

Thousands conquer triple-digit heat to score free “Sex” in park performed live by really hot Nunn

She can STILL “take your breath away.”

Terri Nunn, for those of you who weren’t teenagers in the 80’s, was one of the hottest New Wave ROCKER chicks of the time, as the lead singer for “Berlin.”  Like Debbie Harry of Blondie and Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons, Terri Nunn was sort of the audio version of the late ’70’s Farrah Fawcett poster.  Not only did they sound sexy, but they were all really cute blondes, just as music videos and MTV were starting to become the “thing.”

Berlin had hits with “The Metro,” “Masquerade,” and “No More Words,” and a #1 smash hit with the theme from “Top Gun,” called “Take My Breath Away,” but the song that really grabbed some attention from high school kids at the time was “Sex, I’m a…”

It’s the one where Nunn and a male band mate go back and forth, with him repeating “I’m a man” and her listing off different fantasy roles that she could be for him, like hooker, teaser, virgin, little girl, slave, slut, geisha, goddess, one-night stand, blue movie, etc, etc.

And yesterday evening in a local park, Nunn and Berlin brought the park down with rendition of “Sex” that brought back all the familiar feelings of way back when.  We were worried that Nunn would be “ready for a rocker,” but on the contrary, she still looks excellent, and has the energy of a little girl.  Along with her still-classic vocal ability, she is still quite the Rocker.

Terri said that she was a local girl — Maybe that’s why she seemed amped about the show.  Regardless, she showed that she knows how to PERFORM, and really entertain.  She totally “played” to the hundreds of digital cameras, even going out to the crowd several times.  And for one song, she rode around on a Security Guard’s shoulders.

The crowd was completely absorbed by the performance, with more people standing up and crowding around the stage than at any other show at the venue in years.  Terri seemed to appreciate it, as well as the cheering for an encore (which she obliged).

Besides Berlin’s nostalgic favorites, the highlight of the show was a non-Berlin nostalgic favorite, which Terri said, influenced her as a youngster.  She said that when she first heard it, she knew that she too wanted to be a female singer with “testicles.”  The singer was the legendary Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane/Starship, and the song was “Somebody to Love.”  And as high as Grace Slick set the bar, Nunn did not disappoint.  In fact, you could say that Slick’s original version is second-to-none, but ALMOST second-to-Nunn.

And now, the proverbial Busload of Nunn’s:  Here are 14 more photos from the show, all featuring the incomparable Terri Nunn, except for ONE shot, which is just a close-up of two GIGANTIC Weiners that you just have to see to believe.

If she really could be a “Blue Movie,” would that make her a “Blue Nunn?”

  This musical intercourse came during the big “Sex” finale.

     Welcome to the Cougar Club.  Anyone want a Blow Joy?

Does Terri always travel with two big weenies?  [P.S. This is what Mollie would look like if she were a Rock Singer — Like Terri, not the weiners.]

Nunn in the Sun, fun in a bun.

Andy Samberg doing “Death by Hot Dog?”

This Woman is NOT afraid of the camera lens!  (And she has no reason to be)

Didn’t notice the wedding ring until afterwards (fortunately).

Hey UCLADal: What kind of ax is that, and, in Layman’s terms, is it any good?

See?  Doesn’t she just look happy to be there, despite the 107 intense degrees of heat?

And without a doubt, she can still belt ‘em out.

Looks like someone is doing a little fantasizing right there in the wings.

Purple tights, stick heels, and a voice that can melt you quicker than the L.A. Sun.

Eye Heart Terri Nunn!!!