Lane Kiffin has to cough up $10,000 for repeatedly bitching about how his trojans were victimized by lying referees

He could have blamed Curtis McNeal for fumbling away the game-tying Touchdown.  He could have blamed T.J. McDonald for the dirty, cheap shot that extended Stanford’s game-tying drive.  And he could have blamed Robert Woods for failing to go down to stop the clock before it was too late to get a time out called.  He even could have blamed himself for failing to conserve time before that final play in regulation.  But no, u$c Head Clown Lane Kiffin decided to blame the Officials.  And blame them again.  And again.

Kiffin was fined $10,000 by the Pac-12 yesterday, for publicly questioning the integrity, ability, and credibility of the Referees who failed to grant him a time out before the clock struck zero during the Stanford game.  Kiffin claims that one Ref said that he would get his time out if there was a second left on the game clock, but that that Ref never went to the Head Official to make it happen, so sc was not allowed a chance to try a game-winning 50-yard Field Goal.  He said that the Ref LIED to him about trying to get the crew to consider allowing the time out.  Kiffin swears that there was one second left when Woods’ knee hit the turf, so he should have been granted the time out that he tried to call at that very time.  Of course, Kiffin is ignoring the fact that it takes a beat for the clock to stop after a player goes down and then the whistle is blown to stop the clock.  So as the knee hit with one second left, the whistle blows a split-second later, and the official timekeeper hits his button a split-second later, and time expires, before a time out is recognized.

Instead of congratulating Stanford on a great win, bad sport Kiffin could only cry about a perceived slight that didn’t even determine the outcome of the game.  SC’s Kicker is anything but a sure thing from that distance, and sc had three Overtimes to try to win the game, but couldn’t stop Stanford from scoring three straight Touchdowns, plus an easy 2-point conversion.

Kiffin is the figurehead for the trojans, and his immature and totally classless behavior has once again epitomized what trojan Football is all about.  After all the bad calls that the trojans have famously received IN THEIR FAVOR over the last 40 years, including 2 blatant missed calls in the Stanford game, it’s no wonder that they fall to pieces when things don’t go their way.  Why do you think usc is known as the University of SPOILED Children?  Kiffin’s tantrum just confirms it.

And if you think the trojans just “can’t  handle the truth,” you would be correct.  In fact, when two announcers on the usc radio station jokingly spoke the truth — about usc’s piss poor academics — trojan Athletic Director Pat Haden complained to the station and got them suspended.  So as far as usc is concerned, it’s okay to violate Pac-12 rules and sully a Referee’s reputation, but it’s not okay to make fun of the Ballroom Dancing curriculum at u$c.  The whole Country is already well-aware of sc’s disregard for properly educating their athletes, but when the announcers just say what everyone else is already thinking, they get busted?  Maybe the joke hit a little to close to home for Haden, just like when Marc Tyler admitted that he and his trojan teammates are getting paid to play there.


2 responses to “WHINED AND FINED”

  1. fastfreddie Avatar

    didn’t see Stanfords coach complaining about the non holding calls against Lames offensive linemen, two or three times you could see the Stanford Jerseys stretched out and no calls. Kiffins a real piece of work.

  2. dswenson Avatar

    Speaking about their academics at $c, OJ was interviewing a guy on TV before he killed 2 people and he said, “You wasn’t supposed to be in this game was you?”. Great English there. I guess he was in Sra. Ross’s Spanish class and not English class. Academics is not what $c is known for.

    And Haden is another $c tool. He tries to get people to think $c is an academic wonder. I guess that is right, I wonder where the academics are.