“What’s YOUR deal?”

Hey Petey:  Live by the sword, DIE by the sword.

Deal or No Deal:  Pom Pom’s whining about Harbaugh going for two is the ultimate “Irony Alert,” and it just cries out to be immortalized on t-shirts

How cool would it be if Pete Caroll was confronted with hundreds of “What’s Your Deal” t-shirts when he emerges from the Mausoleum tunnel a week from Saturday?

And now, YOU can make it happen.  These shirts (in all sorts of colors and styles) are available right now, and CAN be shipped to you and on your person in plenty of time for the big game.  And even if you aren’t going to don the kevlar and make the bi-anual trip to Hell, Petey’s infamous crybaby query to Jim Harbaugh after the Stanford upset will live forever, so the shirts will still be good.

Every time a trojan sees one of these shirts, it will stir up the bitter memory of giving up 55 points — the most in the History of sc football.  And people are also going to remember the needless two-point conversion attempt that got Petey’s panties in such a bunch.

After the game, Carroll asked Harbaugh, “What’s your deal?”  In other words, “Why did you try to rub it in with that slap-in-the-face, when the game was clearly over?”

To which Harbaugh responded:  “What’s YOUR deal?”  In other words, “Why have YOU been doing this exact type of thing to everyone for the last 5 years, and, how do you like being on the receiving end of it?”

And please don’t waste your time trying to contradict me with the Coaches’ subsequent interviews, where — obviously — they deny everything.  After all, you don’t really expect Harbaugh to admit that he just wanted the scoreboard to read “50,” so that the trojans’ humiliation would be a little deeper, and so that the final score would be a little more impactful when repeated over and over again on Sportscenter, do you?

And Pete knows that he is the last person in the World with a right to complain about Harbaugh’s decision.  Therefore, to the Press he says the right things — That it’s “Football,” and it’s up to sc to stop the attempt (which they did).  But if he really feels that way, then why ask Harbaugh “What’s your deal?”  Doesn’t he realize that after all these years of running up the score, not punting on 4th downs, leaving his starters in, and continuing to throw deep in blowouts, that eventually it was going to come back to him?

Sure, it WOULD have been a classless decision to go for two, UNTIL you realize that Harbaugh was just doing what KARMA demanded.  And now, Karma demands that you join in the fun, and continue to REMIND Pete that what goes around, comes around.

Don’t like it, Pete?  Deal with it.  

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2 responses to ““What’s YOUR deal?””

  1. UCLADal Avatar

    Love it T-H! Such a “Deal”! Keep ’em coming!!

  2. Andrew Avatar

    Here’s a link about Stanford’s Jim Harbaugh electing to go for a 2-point conversion at USC on Saturday.


    1. I’m not sure what “shutout” this article is referring to Pete Carroll having tried to preserve seeing as the USC at Stanford game last year resulted in this score: 45-23. It was close until the 4th quarter.

    2. The article said it was in response to Pete Carroll putting Cushing, Maualuga & Co. back in at the end of the game when Stanford got to the redzone. First of all, Pete putting some starters back in was in response to Harbaugh calling an unnecessary timeout just in order to score so that USC wouldn’t cover the point spread for that game.

    3. It was mentioned that USC has poured it onto helpless teams in the past and it’s not as fun when you’re on the receiving end. Pete Carroll has never run the score up on anybody. When USC has put games out of reach in the 2nd half, it has oftentimes been boring as hell seeing the same “run the ball up the middle” play non-stop. Sometimes that play works and we score touchdowns that make it look like more of a blowout, however, Pete has NEVER called for a 2-point conversion. Scoring a touchdown is competing. Attempting a 2-pt conversion is rubbing it in.

    Can’t wait for “Pom Pom” to smack Neuheisal around at the Coliseum. Get ready Bruins! FIGHT ON!

    [T-H’s Note: Good post. I don’t usually get civil posts from the dark side. And just for future reference, it’s spelled: “Neuheisel.” As far as the CONTENT of your post, I disagree vehemently, and I am not alone. In fact, I don’t think you will find anyone outside of Fig Tech that agrees with you. One thing’s for sure: Harbaugh disagrees with you, and he usually does his homework. Thanks again, for keeping the TONE of your post so reasonable. I honestly think that it’s the first one like this from a trojan, in over a year.]