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All the Pete Carroll memes fit to print — It’s just the memes to an end:  The end of all this ass-kissing and adulation of Pete the Cheat Carroll, who was once again exposed on the biggest stage, at the most crucial time

The whole world is jumping all over Pete Carroll, for approving the worst play call in the history of Sports (topping his own call against Texas in a BCS Championship game), and here are just a few of the top memes calling him out…

"WHAT IT MEMES TO BE PETE CARROLL" was published on February 2nd, 2015 and is listed in News from the Dark Side.

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  1. JC wrote,

    To add to your entertaining post, you can’t blame Wilson AT ALL for the play, because he has to throw the ball quickly on that play, and can’t afford to analyze it and be careful. Also, you can’t blame the receiver AT ALL, because he is looking at the ball, not the defender. The OC’s claim that the receiver should have fought harder for the ball is bullshit, and is just CYA. There wasn’t time to fight! There was, however, time to hand the ball off to Lynch.

  2. JC wrote,

    I wonder if Bellicheat was somehow able to steal the signs for the Seahawks last play call. He has certainly earned any paranoid suspicion he gets. If he did, it’s not like Carroll shouldn’t have foreseen it.

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