Wi Li Wonka.

There will be lots to see at the Venetian, but if you really have a Sweet Tooth, you’ll lick up the Bellagio

UCLA is headed to Sin City to (re-)play BYU in the Las Vegas Bowl, and word is that the Bruin Family will be staying at the Venetian Hotel.  We can state from first-hand experience that the Venetian is a first-rate establishment, and an excellent choice.  But today’s focus is on candy, and the World’s Tallest Chocolate Fountain is down the Strip a little, at the Bellagio.  Since many of you will be staying at the Venetian and seeing the sites there automatically, we’ll tell you about a couple of things at the Bellagio.  It’s worth the cost of a cab ride. 

First of all, the Chocolate Store, with this amazing fountain, just makes your mouth water.  But before you get to their de facto Candy Land, you walk under a forest of gigantic blown glass flowers attached to the ceiling.  The vibrant colors and smooth glass are enchanting.  Beyond that lobby ceiling is a giant atrium display that changes with the season.  Right now, it’s a Fall/Harvest theme, but by the week of the game, our guess is that it will be Christmas-y?  If the giant pumpkins, water mill, and thousands of apples are any indication, whatever is in there will be impressive.

Back at the Venetian, you can ride in a Gondola, through the actual canals that run through the inside of the Hotel.  It’s pretty cool, for a romantic couple, or pretty corny, if you’re a cynic, or a teenage hoodlum.  The best thing about the Venetian is that they have a “Valentino,” the same World Class Restaurant as the one on Pico in Santa Monica.  The Owner is an old friend of our Family, and still serves the finest food in the World, made with specific, rare ingredients that he scours the World for.  We are not big Wine people, but Valentino is also known for its unparalleled Wine List.

The Restaurant is admittedly expensive, so if you are looking for a 99-cent Shrimp Cocktail, go elsewhere.  And if you’re looking for more super-sweet photos that are extremely pleasing to the eyes, just say:  “Pour some sugar on me.”

Are you gaining weight just looking at it?

A Chocoholic’s Wet Dream, or “The Fountain of Tooth (Decay)?”

And this is who you might be staying with at the Venetian.

…and what happens in Vegas…


…is none of anyone’s f-ing business!

There should be a Cheerleader-themed Vegas Casino (Hooters Casino doesn’t cut it)

For various reasons, we would prefer a warm-weather Bowl game.

See?  She wasn’t hiding — she’s just hard to capture.

See what we mean?

If you fall head over heels in Vegas, you can get married that night.

Nice cap!

Is that a CROWN?  Because, yeah, that guy’s life is fit for a KING!


…and it’s good to be the King.

Back by overwhelmingly popular demand.

…and the sun sets on another vintage T-H pictorial.  (Yeah, like WE deserve the credit!)

Is this what Pete Carroll looks like without make-up?



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  1. Katy Avatar

    Well…as a matter fact, that’s a crown…trust me! I’ve seen Marco’s guns up close, even touched them. You should see his Abs…yummy!!!

  2. I can not agree with you in 100% regarding some thoughts, but you got good point of view…