Hall of Justice:  Admitted cheating trojan Mark McGwire, infamous for getting shots in his ass, gets a shot in the mouth from Hall of Fame voters, who deny his Induction by 348 votes, an even larger amount than last year

Roberto Alomar — a guy who spit on an Umpire — got in, but lying, cheating SCumbag Mark McGwire did not… because he lacks character!

The voters have spoken, and the message is clear:  Ex-trojan Mark McGwire is not welcome in the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame.  Obviously, the Sportwriters who vote think that what McGwire did was worse than spewing saliva in the face of an unsuspecting victim.  McGwire certainly has the stats to get in, but he severely lacks the Integrity.

McGwire’s gaudy Home Run stats are totally undeserved, since he ADMITTEDLY took illegal Steroids while compliling those numbers.  And even though he admits it now, he sleazily evaded the question when asked by Congress during the investigation.  Remember his ludicrous “I don’t want to talk about the Past” responses?  Then came his recent, tearful admission, which confirmed the accusations of McGwire’s old teammate, Jose Canseco.

The fact that he finally came clean would seemingly put him “above” fellow cheating ex-trojans O.J. Simpson, O.J. Mayo, Reggie Bush, Mike Garrett, Tim Floyd, and Pete Carroll, but NOT when you consider his ulterior motives:  McGwire HAD to confess, or he would not have been given his cushy job as a hitting instructor for the St. Louis Cardinals.  Big Mac also thought, incorrectly, that if he fessed up, the HoF voters would forgive him, and allow him entry into the hallowed Hall.

But as it turns out, McGwire’s admission didn’t help him with the Hall, at all.  In fact, he fell short by MORE this year than he did last year.  McGwire got only 19.8%, when 75% is what is needed.  Last year he got 23.7%.  Apparently, apologizing for stonewalling Congress doesn’t make anyone forgive him for the lying, OR for the shooting up in the first place.  Other stars of the Steroid Era, like Rafael Pameiro, were also denied entrance.  The only player to make it this year besides Alomar was Pitcher Bert Blyleven.

At first I was mad that he got more than the 5% needed to remain on the ballot for next year, but think about it:  This will just make him have to endure the heartbreak on an annual basis.  He will keep getting more than 5% (because of  the idiots who don’t think cheating is wrong), but he will never come close to 75%, so every year, year after year, for the rest of his life, he will get his hopes up, and then have them crushed, on a National stage.  Every year, the Media will re-hash McGwire’s bogus career and disgraceful testimony.  Now THAT’S a fitting punishment for all his cheating and arrogant behavior.  How deserving, that someone who gained so much adulation and fan support, and who got to soak up all the glory of breaking Roger Maris’ prestigious record, now has to PAY emotionally, from here to eternity.  Too bad the Cardinals don’t see it the same way.


2 responses to “UP THE DOWN STEROID”

  1. SVCATOSCMO Avatar

    Allow me to comment from the Gateway City (in fact, I’m 1/4 mile from the Arch right now). Most people here do view McRoid as a cheater. It’s commonly thought that there is one man who was mainly responsible for McRoid’s hire in St. Louis. This is the same man who managed McRoid when he got started juicing, and the same man who has extraordinary organizational influence and power for a manager.

    When blaming the Cardinals, to get to the real truth, you have to narrow your focus.

  2. Jake Avatar

    Hey if players are ok with their junk shrinking and other stuff growing out of their bodies, then let them. Players taking roids doesn’t affect me at all. I get to watch monster homeruns and what not, with none of the side effects.