The whole World is “lucky” that these two girls exist.

Ex-UCLA Cheerleader Crystal (with a little help from her friends) has launched “Elevate Boutique,” an online shop that promotes charity, ecology, and “Conscious Living”

Just when you thought you couldn’t be any MORE proud of UCLA and the Bruin Spirit Squad…

…along comes Crystal to change that thought.

Crystal (on the left in the photo above, with fellow ex-UCLA Cheerleader Brette) was on the UCLA Cheer Squad for a couple of years (a couple of years ago), and just recently graduated.   But instead of just resting on her educational laurels, Crystal has decided to make a difference, by helping our planet.

Crystal is just now starting up an online Fashion Boutique that is a lot more than a clothing store.  “Elevate Boutique” is a very unique boutique, because of the way Crystal has set it up.  First and foremost, all the clothes are eco-friendly, almost all hand-made and organic.  That’s not to say that it’s all made out of hemp, but care has been taken to make sure that no heavy polluters are involved, and all the materials used are approved as being not harmful to the environment to produce.  And of course, no Kathie Lee Kiddie Sweat Shops here.

Also, an emphasis on local designers is maintained.  On top of that, proceeds will help various well-respected charities, like CARE.  Women’s charities will be targeted, but Children and maybe even a few dudes will benefit greatly from Crystal’s undying efforts.

It’s all a part of “Conscious Living.”  This is Crystal’s way of life — Helping others, empowering women in general, and helping the World become a better place.  She is trying to get consumers to THINK about the best way to spend their money — And that way is to purchase products from intelligent merchants, who supply “green” merchandise, and who share the proceeds with the less fortunate.

If there were more Crystals in this World, the World would already be a better place.

Hey Bruins… Are you proud of this endeavor?  You should be.  Now why not go check out their site, and support an awesome Bruin, and maybe more importantly, support Women in general, and support a pretty good Planet (it WOULD be a REALLY good Planet, if not for trojan-town, of course, but even trojans are invited to save the planet, by shopping at Elevate).


Too bad there’s no retail store, where these two beautiful young ladies could model the clothes for you.  Maybe someday, in the online catalogue?

Crystal definitely has the Power… to Change the World… for the better.


One response to “UNCONSCIOUS!!”

  1. JP Avatar

    Good job, Crystal. And this brings a new idea…T-H, I think it’d be cool to have former squad members come to this site and update all their fans on what they’ve been up to since leaving the squad. Esp. since this is sort of the unofficial official fan site of the spirit squad.

    [T-H’s Note: Absolutely. If they contact me, I would do anything I could for them.]