“F you… and the horse you rode in on!”

USC Assumes The Mercenary Position:  The Pro-jan Basketball team gets bent over and pounded from behind by a self-imposed spanking, as Southern Cal FINALLY admits that they paid a player, but only in an effort to save the Football program from getting Screwed to Death by the NCAA

Yeah, just call it the University of Self Control.  Yesterday USC attempted to pre-empt the impending triggering of the NCAA Doomsday Machine that is pointed right at Figueroa Tech, by showing the Institutional Control that it takes to punish your own Basketball team.

With the NCAA’s multi-pronged probe into usc’s Lack of Institutional Control coming to a head, the trojans were forced to do something controlling, so they completely sacrificed the current Basketball team for what was done TWO YEARS AGO by Tim Floyd, O.J. Mayo and others who are also now gone.  The trojans self-sanctioned this year’s team with an immediate POST-SEASON BAN, and also took away a scholarship for two years.  In addition, their future recruiting will be punitively cut back, and the trojans are vacating their 21 wins from the ’07-’08 season, when they had ineligible Mayo on the team.   They even have to pay money back to the Pac-10 and NCAA, for fraudulently entering their Post-Season Tournaments.

It is a HISTORIC MOMENT IN TIME, because these sanctions denote an ADMISSION by usc that they bought and paid for their Galen Center Savior.  We have been telling everyone for decades that usc pays their players to play, and just to come there in the first place, and NOW, we finally have confirmation from the source.  And what are the odds that O.J. Mayo is the ONLY trojan on Payroll?  If they do it, they do it.  And now we KNOW, without a shadow of a doubt, that they do it.

Some people are whining about the poor trojan Basketball players on this year’s 10-4 team, who are suddenly stabbed in the back by this self-inflicted punishment, for something that they didn’t do.  But you don’t need to have any sympathy for these sacrificial lampposts.  EVERYONE knew that usc has been under serious investigation by the NCAA, for Reggie Bush as well as Mayo, and that on any given Sunday, ugly sanctions could come crashing down.

Nevertheless, Brain Surgeon Dwight Lewis announced yesterday that the players were shocked, and didn’t see it coming at all.  How could you be so blind to the facts?  The trojans were playing great, with an 8-game winning streak intact, but now they won’t go to the Dance even though they are playing like they deserve to, and the only SHOCK here is that they were playing like a Tournament team, NOT that they’ve already gotten busted right out of the Tourney.  The recruits who stuck their heads in the sand, filled their ears with ipod earbuds, and went to usc despite the National controversy following the Floyd lynching are getting exactly what they deserve.

The only surprise about sc being outed as a Dirty program is WHO outed them.  The NCAA was probably getting ready to pounce, especially with Pete Carroll and Reggie Bush about to give depositions in open court, and that is why sc acted now, going all the way to cutting scholarships and vacating victories.  Call it a South Central “Vacation” — Troy Basketball just lost 21 games in one day, including thier now-vacated win at Pauley.

Missing out on the Post-Season is a substantial — and warranted — blow to the current trojans who decided to be a part of usc Athletics despite all the warnings.  But the other punishments are just slaps on the ass.  First of all, losing one scholarship won’t matter — The trojans can get only a couple of good players to come to their cesspool in any given year, so they always have wasted scholarships anyway.  And forcing sc to pay back money is not a hardship for the school — usc and their boosters have never been strapped for cash.  But the most amusing punishment is curtailing recruiting time.  I mean, after all, it doesn’t take very long to tell a kid:  “Here’s your first $1000 envelope.  Welcome to usc.”

Substantial or not, usc is NOT the final authority on the matter.  It is still very possible that the NCAA will tack on additional penalties, as they did to Florida State and Oklahoma.  And that’s JUST for the Mayo thing.  When the NCAA concludes their investigation into Bushgate and Rovergate, the Football team should see sanctions AS LEAST as severe as what the Basketball team is getting.

And if the NCAA is smart enough to see through sc’s transparent attempt to plea for Mercy for their under-seige Football program, by pretending to exercise some Institutional Control, as “too little, too late,”  then the entire Athletic Department will suffer the wrath that they have been incurring for decades.


[Thanks to John and Justin, for being the first two to write in about this new SCandal.  And congrats to the Lakers’ Jordan Farmar, who scored a season-high 24 in a rout of Dallas on Sunday night.  Mayo does that all the time, but UNLIKE Mayo, Farmar never brought TOTAL DISGRACE to his University.]



  1. tswenson Avatar

    I agree, $c put their BB program under the bus to save the worst offenders in college sports – their football thugs!! I still hope that the Bush SCandal does the football program in. I hope to see Petey and Matt B. not smiling and not being arrogant while everyone else is cheering (except for $c followers). Let’s hope the NCAA doesn’t stop here. And as for the sanctions, most of it is who cares? Not being able to recruit for 20 days and 1 scholarship a year lost – BIG DEAL!!! I don’t think that is enough. It is like a slap on the wrist. But, $c seems to get away with stuff like that and other schools don’t. WHAT’S THE DEAL?

  2. Jake Avatar

    i don’t like usc, but i don’t not think it is fair to punish the current players. they work hard and play hard and some kid named mayo who is not on the team anymore gets them all in trouble. so sad… i think i need some cheerleader pics to get my mood up 🙂

    [T-H’s Note: You shouldn’t have any sympathy for anyone who CHOOSES to go to a school like that, especially when that school has been under the dark cloud of NCAA Investigations for 5 years. ALL of these guys should have KNOWN THE RISK of attending a school with no morals. And yes, more cheerleader photos will definitely perk things up. Check back on Thursday morning.]

  3. M Avatar

    Read Plaschke at the LA Times. This “self imposed” sanction CRAP was just a misdirection to take the heat off Petey’s Punks. Whammy the round ballers and maybe the NCAA turns a blind eye to the cash cow football program. If the U of Spoiled Chillen’ punishes “itself” then it must be in an honorable place.