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Ex-u$c stars Sanchez and McKnight fumble on back-to-back plays and thankful Tom Brady’s Patriots return both for TD’s  in 49-19 trouncing of the Jets on Thanksgiving night

This is not a good week to be a trojan… unless you enjoy watching your players choke…and choke again.

After Saturday’s upset at the Rose Bowl, where the trojans threw two Interceptions, had two kicks blocked, missed a field goal and extra point, committed 6 penalties, fumbled twice losing one, and missed about 20 tackles, you wouldn’t think it could get any more humiliating.  But then on Thursday night on NBC National TV, two ex-trojans committed back-to-back gaffes that cost their team a big game.

It started with the most comical play of the year.  The Jets’ QB Mark Sanchez — who is starting over Tim Tebow WHY? — took a snap, realized that it was a broken play, and ran full speed RIGHT INTO THE ASS of one of his own linemen.  It looked like his eyes must have been closed as he rammed into his teammate’s backside.  The impact was so severe that it jarred the ball loose, and a Patriot scooped it up and returned it all the way for a Touchdown.

Then, ON THE ENSUING KICKOFF, Joe McKnight tried to return it, got hit and fumbled, and this one too was returned for a Touchdown, and the rout was on.  The Pats went on to win 49-19, in front of a hostile and disgruntled New York-area crowd.

Someone call the Elias Sports Bureau — Could this be the first time in NFL History that two players from the same college both fumble on back-to-back plays (not counting the extra point) and see them both get returned for Touchdowns?  It’s a new low for ex-trojans!

Just another little tidbit for Bruin fans to be thankful for on this very special Thanksgiving night, during a week certainly worth celebrating.







A little family tribute for the Holiday…

"TROJAN TURKEYS’ TWIN TURNOVERS TREAT TOM’S TEAM TO TWO TOUCHDOWNS" was published on November 22nd, 2012 and is listed in News from the Dark Side.

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