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Joshing about sloshing — Recently annointed “hero” and trojan Football player Josh Shaw is exposed for lying about diving off a balcony to save a 7-year old from drowning, prompting ESPN to declare u$c a “clown college”

Well, well, well… I believe it is time for all you soft-hearted trojan apologists who openly and publicly commended Josh Shaw for being a hero, to take one step forward and choke on some crow.  I got physically sick as so many so-called Bruins posted comments saluting the heroic efforts of trojan Footballer Josh Shaw, based on nothing more than HIS OWN CLAIMS that he sprained both his ankles when jumping off a second-story balcony to save his 7-year old nephew from drowning in a swimming pool.  How could you all be as gullible as trojan Head Coach Steve Sarkissian?

Ha!  New u$c mascot:  The Trojan Hoax.

After all these years of arrogant, selfish, inconsiderate, egotistical, narcissistic trojan players, coaches and fans always acting only in their OWN self-interest, why would you suddenly believe that one of them risked his own safety to save someone else?  Wasn’t it much more likely that he was FABRICATING the entire incident from scratch, just to earn publicity and glory?  Well, that’s exactly what this case turned out to be.

As soon as the story hit the National Media — because u$c fed the story to ESPN, etc. — calls came rolling in disputing and contradicting Shaw’s version of events.  So what happens then?  Does Shaw admit his disgusting lie?  Of course not.  SC never admits fault or shows remorse until backed completely into a corner, so help me O.J.  Instead of fessing up immediately, Shaw gets his sister Asia — the Mother of the 7-year old — to corroborate his story, adamantly insisting to the Press that Josh’s story is 100% accurate.  And this testimony was in spite of the fact that Asia was not even at the scene of the alleged incident.  So now we have TWO bald-faced liars… because today, the truth has come out, and Shaw has finally admitted to the World that his story was total bullish!t.

Maybe someone talked to the 7-year old?  What’s wrong, trojans — Couldn’t you COACH the kid to be convincing under cross-examination?

Or was it because of the OTHER SIDE of this still-developing story…

First of all, in Shaw’s confession, he refused to mention how he REALLY sprained both his ankles. He said it happened in a fall.  That’s it.  No circumstances revealed.  That secrecy, along with Shaw’s hiring of a prominent Defense Attorney, is making everyone wonder if the new allegations — of Shaw fleeing the scene of a burglary — are accurate.

At the same time when the injury occurred, a man fitting Shaw’s description — according to Shaw’s very own girlfriend — was seen shimmying down a pipe on the side of a building, forcing the Police to initiate a Burglary investigation.  Why else would a prized athlete risk severe injury if he wasn’t trying to escape serious trouble?  Sure, some guys horse around and jump off roofs as dares, but a week before the Football Season starts, do you think even a drunken Starting Trojan Cornerback could possibly be that stupid?  Nah — a much more likely explanation would be that the player was desperate to avoid legal repercussions and discipline from the team.

So while it appears that no swimming pool was involved, there was a gene pool, and Shaw was wading in the VERY SHALLOW END.

Hero today, gone tomorrow:  U$C has now indefinitely suspended Shaw from all Football activities.  Big deal.  He has two high ankle sprains, so the suspension means absolutely nothing.  Watch as they conveniently lift his ban, as soon as his ankles are healed and he has recuperated enough to play.

What else would you expect from a school now dubbed a “Clown College” by ESPN on Sportscenter?  The ESPN announcers cited not only this case, but the Reggie Bush fiasco and cover-up, the fact that they’ve had 4 Head Coaches in the last 7 months, and the way they fired Lane Kiffin on the tarmac at LAX as examples of why u$c is a National Laughingstock, and why UCLA now owns Los Angeles.  Finally — It took only 10 years for ESPN to jump off the trojan clown car bandwagon.



  1. UCLADal Avatar

    One of your best ever T-H! I was waiting for this post once it got out there was more to the original story.

    CJM gave the guy props so you might want to lighten up on the Bruins that initially praised Shaw. We’re not gullible. In spite of sc being sc, lots of us try to see the good in something and also figured the player wasn’t that stupid to lie like that. Turns out he was!

    The ESPN take was pretty funny too. Clown on!

    Well the season is just about upon us and I think it will be a very special one for UCLA. Fall is a favorite time for many of us. Here’s to good times and making the most of them! GO BRUINS!

    [T-H’s Note: Yes, I know that Coach Mora praised this guy. I hope Coach learned his lesson.]