With quick clicks in six ticks, Harold Mansfield’s tricks kick out the pricks and find the fix that sticks, for my sick mix of chick pics. Hit the bricks, trojan dicks, you’ve been licked, so help me Skip Hicks!

Gene(ius) Hackman!

It took “only” TWO YEARS, but I finally found the genius (if not the droids) I was looking for.  Like a Jedi Knight with a Light Saber, SITE SAVER Harold Mansfield came to my rescue.

As I mentioned in an article earlier this month, this website has been having major technical malfunctions for over two years, and I had tried everything to fix it.  I hired experts, I scoured the internet for solutions, I reached out to WordPress, and I implored my hosting company to solve the issues.  But no one could even figure out what was CAUSING the trouble, let alone ascertain a SOLUTION.  That is, until I found the Gandalf of Programming, Harold Mansfield.  Yes, I know I am mixing cinema references now, but I don’t care:  I am so happy with the result, I might even mash up Star Wars and Star TREK!

After the constant headaches of my website randomly switching to the wrong format and theme and colors, and then after weeks of it just randomly going blank, and more importantly, after two years of so-called experts and technical support gurus stumbling around in the dark for two freaking years, Mr. Mansfield looked at the problem for about ten seconds, and knew exactly what to do.  And in a New York minute, he eradicated all the bogus programming bugs, and got the site up and running perfectly.

So I just want to profusely THANK Mr. Harold Mansfield (who has no dog in the UCLA/u$c Rivalry fight as far as I know, so trojans reading this should NOT hold any animus towards him), and show my appreciation for his genius, by promoting his remarkable and affordable services here.

Harold Mansfield • Web Consultant
(504)-264-2248 • M-F • 9-5 PST

If you have any computer/website-related issue, I highly recommend his services.  He is generous with his time, friendly, nice, easy to talk to, responsive to all concerns, and he breaks down complicated programming issues into terms that a layman like me can understand.  He is patient, and tolerant (of my ignorance), and is simply a wizard at problem-solving.  All for a very reasonable, more-than-competitive price.  For me, his value was priceless.

So give him a call, or check out his website.  You will not be disappointed.


[P.S.  Please nobody be offended by my use of the word “chicks.”  It was solely for the sake of the rhyming scheme.  I certainly don’t mean to demean the gorgeous and talented subjects of my photography.  If you’ve ever read any of my writing, you know I thoroughly respect them, and hold them in the utmost, highest esteem.  Thank you.]




  1. UCLADal Avatar

    Thank you Mr. Mansfield for getting the great back up to snuff! To good times this season! GO BRUINS!

  2. Chuck Findley Avatar
    Chuck Findley

    Trojan hater,

    What has become of our world? We can’t even say chicks? God save me from the PC police!


    Chuck FIndley