In a Poll for which usc IS eligible, trojans Spencer Pratt and O.J. Simpson are voted the #2 and #4 “Most Hated People in America”

Due to rampant cheating and an arrogant lack of remorse, U$C is currently BANNED from the  College Football National Rankings, i.e. The USA Today Coaches’ Poll.  However, they are NOT banned from the Poll of Public Opinion.  And when it comes to justifiably receiving hate, they are dominating the Rankings, claiming two of the top four slots.

Looks like the only way to garner more hatred than a trojan is to kill your own child.  Casey Anthony actually topped the “Most Hated” Poll, which was just released yesterday, and tallied replies from thousands of Americans.  Apparently, the only thing worse than convicted murderers are UN-convicted murderers.  Americans can’t stand it when people get away with murder, hence O.J.’s #4 ranking in the Poll, despite it being 16 years since the trial.

But the Poll “winners” weren’t all capital criminals.  Finishing in 2nd place — one spot ahead of the “Octomom” — was Reality TV personality Spencer Pratt.  For those of you who don’t waste your lives away watching total crap on Television, Pratt was on an MTV show called “The Hills,” and was famous just for being a d-bag, and for being married to Unnecessary-Plastic-Surgery-Queen Heidi Montag.

Hard to believe that even though he has been out of the TV spotlight for several years, he is still so thoroughly disliked across the Nation.  Where could he have learned to behave in such a way as to alienate millions of people who don’t even know him?  You guessed it:  The University of Southern California.  Pratt studied Poli Sci at sc from 2003 through 2009, according to the trojan registrar.  That’s about 6 years of experiencing the culture of obnoxious self-entitlement, and absorbing the desire to put yourself and your own self-interest above everyone and everything else.  Maybe if he kills someone, he can surpass Casey Anthony and take over the top spot in the Poll — but that’s only if he gets inexplicably acquitted.  Of course, if he kills his Wife Heidi, he’d probably drop out of the Top 10.

And that drop would elevate O.J. Simpson back up to the top three.  Before Casey Anthony became such a Media non-Darling, O.J. used to RULE Polls like this.  But now that he is rightly in Prison, he has lost the “micarriage of justice” vote.  It must just kill him to lose his rightful place atop the pile of notorious evildoers.  Based on his smarmy activities, public statements, and “If I Did It” book, it is obvious that O.J. THRIVES on being the Country’s Most Despised SCumbag.  Too bad… but don’t feel too bad for him — I hear that he is still REALLY popular in Prison.