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Brain-Ded — It’s a Dedmon’s Party that leaves James Blasczyk in a Pickle and Dewayne Dedmon Walking… away from the team, as u$c suspends the two 7-footers following bar brawls in Spokane that leave several injured, including two women, one with a badly-bloodied lip

It looks like the trojan basketball team finally found someone it can beat handily:  Two women in a bar.

U$c’s Starting Center Dewayne “The Evil” Dedmon is now a member of the Walking Dead, as he and his back-up James Blasczyk have been suspended from all team activities, just two days before the start of the Pac-12 Tournament.  Sc is likely to start the Tourney against Utah without the twin towers, as both are under suspicion of assaulting two girls and several others, in a SERIES of bar fights in the town of Spokane, Washington.

According to witnesses, there was a fight that spilled out in front of one bar, then continued at another location, and finished up in a THIRD, and the reports claim that it involved multiple usc trojan basketball players, including a 7′ Center.  Apparently, the trojans were running ther mouths off, bragging about being from u$c, and obnoxiously denigrating the town of Spokane.  Hmmm — Sounds like a very likely scenario.  And it’s unlikely that the two players would have been suspended if these eyewitness accounts weren’t credible.

There is a photo on the internet that clearly documents the beating that at least one female victim received.  It shows her face smashed up, with her lip bleeding.  I’m not a CSI expert, but it sure appears like someone either punched her in the face, or slammed her face into a blunt object, like the bar, or the floor.

Not since u$c footballer Marc Tyler SPIT in a co-ed’s face has a trOJan been publicly accused of the ultra-cowardly act of attacking a girl.  And the idea of it being done by a 7′,  260 lb. drunken monster makes it even more heinous.  Not that it’s acceptable for a little guy to do it, but the sheer force of a behemoth striking a female is utterly frightening.

Now it’s time to sit back and let Carmen Trutanich or whomever sc buys, to bail their boys out of trouble… and get them back on the court in time for the next tip-off.  Everyone knows that $c owns the L.A. PO-lice, but now we’re talking about Spokane — Can they also purchase the Spo-lice?

While $C’s Basketball team is making news for beating up women, UCLA’s Basketball team is making headlines for beating up their opposition, as Pac-12 Regular Season Champions, and for several players receiving All-Conference HONORS.  Shabazz Muhammad and Larry Drew II made First Team All-Conference, Kyle Anderson made 2nd Team, Shabazz was Co-Freshman of the Year, Shabazz and Kyle made the All-Freshman 1st Team, and Jordan Adams got an honorable mention for the Freshman team.

UCLA has a bye on Wednesday, and will play the winner of ASU and Stanford on Thursday.  Both of those teams will take a do-or-die, back-to-the-wall attitude of desperation into the game against UCLA, because unlike the Bruins, they have to win the Conference Tourney to make it to The Dance.  So they will have more moitvation than UCLA.  Also, they will be USED to the Vegas venue, while the RUSTY Bruins will be playing there for the first time ever.  However, the Bruins’ opponent will also be feeling more pressure, while the Bruins can rest assured that a loss will NOT keep them out of March Madness, so a looser UCLA squad should be able to take care of business.  That being said, the Bruins have LOST every time they’ve been ranked, and they are ranked now, so if you are going to Vegas, wager your money wisely, and don’t give the points.

"TROJAN GIANTS SLAYED BY ALLEGATIONS OF BEATING WOMEN — THAT’S JACKED UP" was published on March 12th, 2013 and is listed in Blue & Gold News, News from the Dark Side.

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