Both Pom Pom and Tim-Tim imply that usc gave them special permission to ignore the rules (and common sense)

Is this, or is this not, the very DEFINITION of “Lack of Institutional Control?”

 Yesterday, usc’s head football coach Pete Carroll AND disgraced former head basketball coach Tim Floyd both came out in the Press and told the World that usc guided them to blatantly violate NCAA rules.  Carroll was responding to the accusations that he hired NFL consultants to beef up sc’s staff.  He admits that he had these guys on payroll, and he admits that they gave him pertinent feedback after watching every game.  These are obvious violations in the eyes of everyone in the Sports World NOT wearing cardinal and gold;  However, Petey claims that the usc “Compliance Department” (Yeah, right!) told him to go for it.

He says that they looked at these NFL hires, which were above and beyond the limits for amount of coaches, and said that it was fine.  In other words, Pete says that the school itself told him to completely ignore the rules.  Who cares if you get caught, if the NCAA is paralyzed with fear anyway?  Why not cheat, if you can get away with it?  It’s all about winning, right?  Such is the credo of usc, and it has been for 50 years.

And then, Tim Floyd added feul to the fire.  He says that usc instructed him to keep recruiting the dirty-as-sin Renardo Sidney, despite his feelings that money was changing hands illegally, in order to secure Sidney’s “rights.”  Floyd insinuates that usc purposely avoided looking into Sidney’s nefarious dealings, just so that they wouldn’t find anything to shy away from.  Of  course, UCLA actually DID look into it, and they found enough to terminate their interest in the kid.  But sc, like the three monkeys, decided that if they couldn’t see or hear or smell any evil, then none exists.

Don’t the trojans know that you don’t really need to PLAY dumb, when you ARE dumb?  Talk about “turning a blind eye” —  Stevie Wonder couldn’t do it any better.

And speaking of blind eyes… NCAA:  The ball is in your court, and this should be the easiest slam dunk since the first O.J. trial.  Uh-oh.



  1. JosephineBruin Avatar

    AMEN! nice post.

    [T-H’s Note: Where the heck have YOU been? I have sorely missed your feedback.]

  2. Ken S. Avatar
    Ken S.

    The trouble is the NCAA (located right here in Indianapolis) has no balls. They bust everyone else who isn’t USCum, but for some reason they ignore the TrOJan$.