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No, it’s not a cookbook — Just serving up a collection of tasty photos from the 2013 U.S. Open Surfing Championship

July is the off-season for the UCLA-u$c Rivalry.  Football practice starts in a couple of weeks, so until then, there’s not too much to cover or talk about.  I don’t buy in to the so-called experts and their pre-season predictions, so the fact that UCLA was picked on Friday to BEAT SC this year in Football didn’t warrant me rushing to the computer to celebrate.  And the other issue lately is about how u$c is being investigated for persecuting rape victims — Not believing them, trying to get them to drop their claims, and insisting that rape isn’t rape if the assailant doesn’t reach orgasm.  Disgusting institutional behavior by u$c, and definitely worthy of mention here, but it’s such a tragic story, that it’s no laughing matter, and not truly appropriate for a “comedy” site like this one.  So… that leaves me looking for other things on which to “report.”  And I chose the event that took me to the beach.

So here are 7 surf shots, and a couple of ambiance shots to help you get a feel for what it was like out there on Saturday.  The competition continues today (Sunday) if you want to experience it in person.  It will be crowded, and hard to park, but it is totally worth it.  I’ve never seen SO MANY great-looking people all in one place at one time.

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