Mission Impossible Three

UCLA needs to win their last three games to make a Bowl, and that would take another miracle-victory over usc

After the Bruins’ collapse at the hands of the Beavers on Saturday, they are now 3-6.  That means that they need to go 3-0 in their last three games in order to be Bowl-eligible.  Their next two games are on the road against weak opponents Washington and Arizona State.  But the last game is at the Rose Bowl, against usc.

The Bruins have little chance of SCORING, let alone winning.  The last time the Bruins were this overmatched on paper was two years ago, when they shocked the Nation with their memorable 13-9 upset.  Is it possible that Rick Neuheisel will miss the postseason in his first year?  His predecessor never missed it in his whole time at the helm.  Of course, a “cupboard is bare” argument would diffuse that statement.

One place where the cupboard is never bare is the Spirit Squad, and here are 27 more from Saturday.

Three in a row may be just a little too much to ask.

Three NOT in a Row would have been easier.  Maybe Three in a Triangle they could have done.

This triangle has acute angle or two (or three).

Just like the fans — Only the ones with their eyes closed are applauding.

From Power Trios to Dynamic Duos

These are NOT the terrible twos.

Does two pair beat three of a kind?

Full House!

Straight Flush!

No need to fold.

No bluffing.

All in!


You shouldn’t let sax come between you.

Power Trio, Tower Bri-O.

Getting good shots of this team is like playing poker with marked cards.

Still putting their best foot forward.

Are you getting jaded yet, or do you want more?

Last group shot of the day — Hope you got a kick out of them.

Goin’ solo.

Maybe miracles DO happen.

Not a cloud in the sky (but maybe dark ones on the horizon).

I know SOMEONE who isn’t jaded.

Dancing with the Stars

She should grow her bangs, so she can’t see the sc game.

Just keep looking on the bright side

…at least UCLA still rules the Spirit World.  This is the last one for today, but keep your eye out for more, coming pretty soon.


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  1. SCopper Avatar

    A good day for Brianna fanatics.