Still Cheaty After All These Years — Pete Carroll adds another sanction to his growing family of violations, as he and his Seahawks are fined over $300,000 for being REPEAT OFFENDERS in the utilization of contact in offseason practice

As if anyone still needs for evidence to convince them of Pete Carroll’s complicity in U$C’s institutionalized climate of total disregard for the rules.

The Seattle Seahawks and specifically their Head Coach Pete Carroll have been busted yet again, this time to the tune of over $300,000, for repeating an NFL violation for which they had already been busted over a year ago.  The transgression involves having CONTACT in practices in the month of June.  Due to the abuse that NFL bodies are subjected to during the season, the NFL PLAYERS Association came to a collective bargaining agreement to ban contact in the off-season.  But does Pete Carroll give a f*ck about the health of his players, or the rules that are in place to protect them?  Of course not.  All he cares about is gaining a competitive advantage over the rest of the league, regardless of the rules he has to break to get it.

Obviously, Carroll has zero faith in his actual coaching ability to achieve success.  In his first stint in the NFL, his record was abysmal.  Then he was demoted to u$c, where he sucked until he started paying his players to attend, and started pumping them up with illegal steroids.  Then when his trojans were caught red-handed for having an institutional lack of compliance, he scurried back to the NFL, where he sucked again, until his Seahawks started breaking the rules and utilizing Carroll’s best friend, illegal steroids.  Seattle easily led the league in Steroid suspensions before they ever started winning.

The first time Carroll was busted for using contact during offseason practices, he feigned ignorance of the rules, just like he feigned ignorance about all his trojans receiving illegal benefits, illegal drugs, get-out-of-jail-free cards for legal issues, and get-out-of-class-free cards for all his academically-challenged non-student athletes.  What will he say THIS time — That he STILL didn’t know that contact in June was against the rules?

He just doesn’t care.  He has NEVER thought that the rules applied to him.  He is so arrogant that he blatantly defies the rules, and smiles smarmily when interrogated about it.  He never admitted fault at sc, and never showed remorse for the sorry state he left the program in when he bailed, just days before the NCAA delivered the death knell.  He will never change, because the public will continue to glorify him for his ill-gotten wins.  Too many people are just like him:  All they care about is the final score.  It’s all about who wins, and never about the slimy, BUSH-league way the wins are achieved.

This sad state of the Sports World is a shame, but it will make it THAT MUCH sweeter when Jim Mora wins, while doing it with Integrity.


Speaking of integrity, you are probably wondering why I am not commenting on the Josh Shaw Hero-to-Criminal SCandal.  Actually, I am waiting for more corroboration of the HOAX before having a field day.  I don’t trust TMZ as a credible source.  Hopefully today or tomorrow, REAL proof that Shaw was evading Police during a robbery as opposed to trying to save his nephew will surface.




  1. tswenson Avatar

    Cheaty Petey will never change. He is a real jerk and will always be.