Unlucky #7 John Elway is bedeviled by a hellish Ponzi scheme, to the tune of $15 Million — Aren’t Stanford grads supposed to be smart?

On a day that was celebrated for being the ultra-Wise John Wooden’s 100th Birthday, another John was exposed as being a little less wise.  Apparently, former Stanford QB John Elway just lost $15 Million to an Investment Broker who is in trouble for running a Ponzi scheme.  Is it possible that Elway spent more time on the field in Palo Alto, than in the classroom?

Usually, you would have sympathy for someone who gets screwed by a financial wizard-turned-con artist, but maybe not in this case.  No, Elway is not a trojan, but ever since he was at Granada Hills High School, he has acted like one.  His arrogance, even at age 16, was legendary.  I admit that it’s hard to be humble when you hit .400+ for the Baseball Team, while Passing for 4000 yards for the Football team, but not every two-sport phenom is reputed to be such a prick.

His trojan-like attitude was disclosed to more people when he refused to play for a bad team that was going to draft him.  That anti-tradition slap in the face to the NFL and all its fans went on to influence others to pull the same stunt, leading to the destruction of the sanctity of the Fairness, that the Draft is designed to maintain.

And if the above isn’t enough to temper your sympathy for this financial crime victim, keep in mind:  $15 Million to him is like 15 dollars to you.  Save your empathy for all the Senior Citizens who get bilked out of their life savings.  Those poor folks don’t have anything to fall back on, they don’t know any better, and they often don’t have anyone to help guide them.  Conversely, Elway still has his Car Dealerships, and, he had probably hired a whole team of trusted financial advisors — yet he still entrusted 15 Mil to a con man. 

And besides — He’s still John Elway.  I’m sure he’ll be able to pull it out in the 4th quarter, of his life.

Stanford, and the city of Denver, can HAVE their John… but Westwood will ALWAYS have a better one.




  1. Sparky Avatar

    I never could stand Elway! Talk about thinking your @@@@ doesnt’ stink..Compare that with the way Troy Aikman accepted his position on the piece of crap Dallas team when he got drafted. He didn’t bitch (well not too much) got the crap beat out of him for two years but finally was part of a dynasty (as much as it pains me to refer to the cowboys that way) by being willing to be part of the building process. And he has how many rings???? And how many did Johnny boy have? But more importantly, how many Super Bowls did he lose before he finally got one? (that magic number would be three, with a particularly humiliating loss of 55-10 against the niners). Yeah, I always feel bad about anything bad happening to good ole John. He would have fit right in at sc!