Major Nelson would be proud.

Get your motor running:  The nimble and sporty models who have the power to grant your wildest wishes, stretch it to the Redline

Wouldn’t you just love to bottle them up and keep them forever?  Well, you can’t get the genies back in their bottles, but maybe Mollie and the Judges can.  In ONE week from today, the results that some of you are dying for will be released.  As we reported yesterday, Wednesday, April 30th is the evening when everyone will find out who made the next version of the UCLA Spirit Squad.

Based on some of the comments, we are not the only fans who care about this upcoming announcement.  It could be the near-equivalent of when Bruin Star Ballplayers declare early for the Pro’s — after cheering for/with some of these Girls (and Guys) for a year or more, it’s just devastating to see them leave, and it’s even worse when the departure isn’t even BY THEIR CHOICE.

If Mollie or anyone from her camp from 4 years ago is reading this, they have GOT to be smirking.  They came to us back then, trying to change our outlook — and our shot selection — by “putting a face” on the Squadmembers.  If we saw the Girls as the individual, down-to-earth PEOPLE that they were, instead of a group of objects, we would represent them differently.  Well, Mollie was right, moreso than she could have ever imagined.  Who knew that it would have progressed to the point where we are freaking out over specific Girls possibly losing their positions on the team…BECAUSE we can’t bear for them to have their feelings hurt?? 

You know what?  We bet that if any Returnees DO get snubbed, THEY will probably take it more maturely and less bitterly than we will.  That being said, it’s necessary to re-iterate:  Regardless of how disappointed we are, there will be NO second-guessing, or Monday-Morning Quarterbacking, or whining, or complaining — about whomever Mollie’s Selection Committee decides will be the best to represent UCLA.  Their recent Track Record earns them that Respect.  Okay?

Speaking of Track Records and Respect, Scott Wolf reported today that the USC Band is no longer welcome at ANY Rivalry game at UCLA.  We have been telling you for years that troy’s Band violates all the established protocols for such events, and apparently, they crossed the line yet again, at a Women’s Basketball game in Pauley.  It is unclear at this point what their list of transgressions included — verbal abuse of Bruin Cheerleaders would not be a stretch — but one trojan bandmember seems to brag about taunting small children with the trojan salute as the kids were forced to walk below them to get to the restroom.  Myriad fan complaints would certainly seem to justify a ban, but we have no idea if that is really the case.

The “ban” is “bilateral,” meaning that the Bruin Band will not be traveling to any events at sc.  Obviously, Football is exempt from the ban, on both sides, so the Solid Gold Sound will still have to make that dangerous trek to South Central once every two years, but at least they don’t have to go to Galen Center at night (And at least their buses don’t have to park on someone’s front lawn and leave the keys).


Below are 20 more photos from Sunday’s Try-outs.  Feel free to leave comments.  These “compliments-by-the-number” are pretty amusing.  And just so you know, this is an Independently-owned  “blog,” so I can guarantee you that if you add a comment, your e-mail address is NOT getting sold to a spammer, and will NOT subject you to ANY future solicitation from us or anyone else.  So go ahead and show your support — risk free — Don’t forget:  I won’t approve negative feedback, so if you think you found one extra pound on someone on one angle, DON’T BOTHER.  But if you want to rave about your fave, especially someone who isn’t already receiving the support, please do so. 

And in honor of the Lamborghini headline:  If you “mouse over” these photos, you’ll see what kind of car we’d like to buy for each Girl, if this were Reggie Bush U., that is based on a bunch of ludicrous assumptions and generaliztions going purely on looks. 

Gentlemen — Start your engines!

Definitely a Convertible, to drive down PCH North of Sunset, while the Sun sets…

…so maybe a BMW Z4 with the top down for her; And how about a Harley for Ryan?

A Classic, Forest Green Jaguar XK16, with all of the options.

Maserati Bi-turbo with a street-legal nitrous oxide hook-up

Fuschia Porsche — There is no substitute.

Souped up ‘66 Mustang.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

The Lotus Esprit from “The Spy Who Loved Me”

Jet Black Dodge Viper

Sterling Silver Cadillac Allante

Ferrari Testarossa.

The Scooby Doo Van, so they can go around meddling, solving crimes, and chasing g-g-g-ghosts.

The Partridge Family Bus, so they can tour together, but with a Restraining Order against Danny Bonaduce

The (K)Love Bug?  No, how about that 1.4 million dollar, two-toned Bugatti?

A 007 Aston-Martin, so she can EJECT a trojan from the passenger seat if necessary.

…or maybe a solid gold Rolls Royce with a state-of-the-art, super-safe airbag system.

A Lear Jet (like “Super Terry” from “Reno 911: Miami”)

…or Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet.

‘68 Woody with a sandy surfboard and wetsuit.

Doesn’t she have ENOUGH vehicles by now?  Besides, she looks fine just WALKING away!



  1. Waldorf Avatar

    Okay, so Kevin Love is going to the NBA. That sucks for Bruin fans. But if Elise is really his favorite dance teamer (as rumor has it), he better not take her with him!

    If Elise, Brianna, Katie, and Michelle all return next year, that’s another Final Four I can live with.

    All this auditioning much be murder on the nerves. Good luck to all the ladies!

  2. Dan Avatar

    Honestly… take a closer look at the last four pics! That women has CURVES… perfectly shaped HOUR-GLASS CURVES (no lumps humps just CURVES)!!! Pics don’t lie and brush-ups can’t create a LIVING GODDESS…

    Go Bruins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Trojan Hater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Go BRIANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ewc Avatar

    My cousin is a high school cheerleader, and her cheer coach is also the UCLA spirit squad coach. I made sure to put in the good word for all of the returning girls. Gotta bring back the entire squad! The 2008 Dance Team was like the 1973 Bruins of UCLA dance squads.

  4. t-h Avatar

    Here is a note we received via separate e-mail, about the ban band:


    I was at the USC vs UCLA Women’s basketball game. Other than playing obnoxiously loud and long during timeouts, I think the item that got them in trouble was when the game was over (we lost badly) and the UCLA band was to play our Alma Mater, the TMB played their Alma Mater and then proceeded to play another song and repeated verses to make it very long, several minutes long. If I recall correctly, they played “Tusk” with the “unofficial lyrics”. Our spirit squad waited patiently for them to finish, but their band kept droning on and on, as if to “throw it in our faces”. You know their band is quite militant about their playing and they have a reputation for being arrogant. I remember reading an article about a USC vs UCLA Blood Bowl game where their band stole our band’s instruments and one of their managers was quoted as saying “arrogance is part of the program”. Shit, they’re just band geeks. As if playing in a marching band was “cool”.

    I took a photo after the game where you can see Elise looking back at the section where the TMB was playing, trying to figure out when they’ll shut up so we can play our alma mater. It would be one thing if this was at the Galen Center, but this was at Pauley and they did not respect established conventions and allow the home team to play their alma mater.



  5. frank Avatar

    Dan you’re absolutely correct… GODDESS is what she is and definitely beyond college level!!! It must be extremely tuff being a blonde these days especially when you’re compared to “BRIANNA”… I’d personally hate to take pics next to her… she makes GOOD look BAD and THAT”S A COMPLIMENT!!!

    Any more shots of Brianna?

    Go UCLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO BRUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Go MR TROJAN HATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. James Avatar

    I am glad to see Jamie is seeking to return as I think she flies under the radar under the beauty that is Brianna. Elise, and Katie. Just sayin’ that out of the diamonds in the UCLA spirit squad, Jamie is the one that shines brightest.

  7. James Avatar

    Also, not sure if anyone noticed, but a recent cheerleader of the week was from SoCal’s very own UC Irvine. Does UCLA have competition on our hands?

  8. jp Avatar

    This is going to be a nailbiter. Our current members are all great, but I see a couple new talent who will also be great additions.

    129 and 140 are AMAZING AS WELL!!!!

    t-h, do you know if 129 and 140 also made the last cut of 15?

    I’m so nervous for these girls.

    And you know what, your site has DEFINITELY raised the status of the Dance Team. They are becoming celebrities due to your photos and we all congregate here singing their praises. Haha.

    [T-H’s Note: I can’t find them in my photos of the Final 15, so take that for what it’s worth.]

  9. frank Avatar

    I also agree with JP… CHANGE IS GOOD!!!! Lets face it, all the girls from last years dance team weren’t NBA level … BUT, “129” most definitely falls under the BRIANNA category (and she’s a blonde)… NICE! Anyhow, I don’t feel bad for any of these ladies they know exactly what they’re getting themselves into… if they’re worried about not making the team then maybe they shouldn’t tryout.

    Go UCLA!!!!!! Go BRUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go BRIANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Go 129!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. john Avatar

    elise and kevin love are definitely dating

    [T-H’s Note: Well, if they have kids, let’s hope they get HER looks, but HIS outlet pass.]

  11. jp Avatar

    t-h, you should post pics of the final 15…the suspense is killing me! lol.

  12. I think you are absolutely on track here!