Pool Haul:  The trojan pool party took in quite a haul — Over $900K and counting at 2PM.

You have to ask yourself:  Do I feel lucky? — Trojan Enforcers (who’d love for me to drop dead from a Sudden Impact), and drop-dead gorgeous song girls (who aren’t Dirty or Harry), Go Ahead and Pool their resources to Locke up a Magnum-sized load of money for charity, and Make My Day

A man has GOT to know his limitations.  Obviously, that lesson from Det. Callahan was lost on me, as today I continue to keep the hatchet buried, and share photos of the usc song girls.  If you are longing for Bruin Dance Teamers, I’m sorry, but you’re sh*t outta luck (Harry’s catch-phrase from “The Dead Pool”).  It’s not my fault that the Bruin girls don’t do an annual bikini relay for charity.  If they actually DO, and I’ve been missing it, I might take a .357 Magnum, and Force it against my temple.

I’m still hoping that Clint will somehow pull off another Dirty Harry film (maybe with the aid of CGI?), so obviously, for me, “too much is not enough.”  That explains why I feel compelled to keep sharing these song girl photos, even though it defies the whole spirit of the website…  I guess my mental programming for “Rivalry” is slightly superceded by my programming for “sexy.”  Also, I believe in the charity behind the event, but, admittedly, without the bikinis, I might not be so supportive.

And one note before we get back to the photos:  I got an official e-mail from the Swim With Mike staff yesterday.  I thought they were going to chastise me for being disrespectful to their charity, by posting sexy photos , and I thought they were banning me from future events.  But, JUST LIKE 13-9, I was totally wrong, and very glad to be so.  The letter was written by a current, 2nd generation (at least) trojan varsity athlete, who was actually THANKING me for my annual coverage of their event (which is now in in its 30th year).  He might even send me some t-shirts, for me to share for free with you guys.

I have to admit:  It takes a lot of CLASS for a die-hard trojan to write a letter of thanks to The Trojan-Haters Club.  He even invisions a day where UCLA and usc collaborate to raise twice as much money for their cause.  This attitude justifies my truce — It’s all for the sake of some very unfortunate people who still manage to have a positive outlook despite grave circumstances.  I’ve always said that I would not be nearly as courageous if I were in that situation, and then I came within minutes of having a major amputation, where I would have found out.  All I know, is that I truly admire people who can jettison self-pity, and make the best out of a dire situation like that, and I hope that these photos inspire at least one of you to go to, and help out these “victims who never act like victims.”

Below are 13 more song girl photos from the event on Saturday.  You can find about 60 more in the preceding articles.  And as always, the photos enlarge when you click on them, and you can mouse-over the photos to make the captions appear.  Today’s captions are Dirty Harry quotes.  And finally, if you want to receive even LARGER versions of these shots, or want to make special requests for photos that I don’t want to post on line, MAKE A DONATION TO THIS WEB SITE, and then e-mail me with your request.  But more deserving is  Please consider giving them some support first.

Did he fire six shots, or only five?  “Two?”  What do you mean, “two?”

“No one — I mean NO ONE — puts ketchup on a hot dog!”  [T-H’s Note:  Actually, that’s how I used to order them (because I hate mustard]

“Hey Lieutenant — Got any kids?  No?  Lucky for them.”

“What does a girl have to do to go to bed with you?”  “Try knocking on the door.”

“It’s the damndest thing I ever saw, what it says right here:  ‘Eat at Luigi’s!’”

“Mrs. Grey propositions me and says if I come home with her, for $5 she will put on an exhibition with a Shetland Pony… I’m just trying to find out if anyone here knows what law is being broken… besides ‘Cruelty to Animals.’”

“That’s mighty White of you.”

“I think being teamed with an Asian-American is GOOD for the Department’s image.”

Clint to Liam Neeson:  “Maybe I’ll start my own Dead Pool, and put YOU on it.”

“C’mon Sailor… you might get lucky.”  “Only with Humans.”

“You know what you are to me, Little Man?  You’re just a maggot who sells dirty pictures.”

“Well, WE’RE not just gonna let you walk out of here,”  “Who’s WE, Sucka?”  “Smith and Wesson, and me.”

Last one for today…  Hey — If UCLA is in WESTwood, does that mean that usc is in EASTwood?


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  1. SCopper Avatar

    Those pictures are hot and they beg the question: how come we’ve never seen Brianna & Friends in bikinis?

  2. Sparky Avatar

    Damm good question!!!!!