Gleaming the Tube

Getting in touch with your Inner(tube) Child:  Did someone order a second round of Root-Cheer Floats?

Do you feel like you’re in the Twilight Zone, or maybe Opposite Land?  Did some Trojan Hacker commandeer remote control of the site?  Why is “The Trojan-Haters Club” posting sexy photos of USC Song Girls, and even more surprisingly, saying nice things about them (and capitalizing the letters “USC,” for that matter)?

In order to bring you more photos that we think you really will enjoy, we are temporarily extending the moratorium on Hate.  Just in case you’re reading this BEFORE reading YESTERDAY’S explanation:  It’s all about Charity.  Not about feeling charitable towards Trojans, but getting behind the Charity of sc-affiliated Cause, “Swim with Mike.”

In order to “do the right thing” for once, we are trying to help publicize “swimwithmike.org,” to help raise money for victims of serious accidents who have suffered amputations, paralysis, etc, but still have the desire to go to school and tackle life from another angle.  It’s not like we’re claiming to be suddenly devout, moralistic, and generous;  We admit that the promise of a Song Girl Bikini Race is WHY we got involved with the Foundation in the first place.  However, it may not be all that coincidental or irrelevant that 13 years ago, t-h was the PEDESTRIAN victim of a Vehicular Hit and Run.  T-H was facing near-certain amputation, according to a group of USC Doctors, before a pioneering UCLA Surgeon came to the rescue and saved the limb.  Perhaps that harrowing, year-long, three-surgery ordeal is why t-h has respect for what Swim With Mike has accomplished in its 28 Years, despite their unfortunate affiliation.  Or maybe it’s just the bikinis.

Here are another 15 mouseover-captioned, “enlargeable” shots from Saturday’s very successful Event, which surpassed its Fundraising Goal by lunchtime, we are very happy to say.  And it’s not too late to donate, or volunteer to work next year.  Like being Poolside for this Event is really “work.”Starting off with a photo that keeps the point of all of this top of mind.

Unlike the Dodgers, the Song Girls won’t get attacked for ignoring autograph-seekers.

Although we don’t like the “pulled-back hair” look (check out the forehead glare), we DO think that this is a very cute “raking two-shot”

Nice hip.  Hopefully, she’ll never need an excruciatingly-painful “interior hip bone graft” like t-h had to endure.

It makes sense that t-h would have an appreciation for nice legs, since he was once told that he would most likely wake up from the next morning’s surgery with one of his legs missing.

Maybe the key to NOT getting complaints is “moderation.”

…of course, “moderation” is a concept with which we have always struggled.

It’s not as easy as you think to look this good up close in candid bikini shots — You have to exhale once in a while.

The camera doesn’t do them justice — Trust me: Their bodies looked even better in person.

If every Charity did this on a regular basis, we would cure all the diseases in the world by the end of the year.

Tu-be, or NOT tu-be — That is the question.

WHO says there’s nothing good on The Tube any more?  Just try channel-Surfing.

Nothing will “go down the wrong tube,” because neither of these tubes is wrong.

Here come The Lords of the (inflatable) Rings, while the (tube) Stakes are high.

What happens in Shin City, stays in Shin City