He Can’t Explain:  It may not be a Legal Matter, but Boston GM (and Honorary Trojan) Danny Ainge, Who was a Celtic Sub-sti-tute from My Generation, shows his low class and immaturity by Fiddling About with a towel-toss, orchestrated to Rock a Cleveland Free Throw shooter

Can you see The Real He he he he he he…

Danny Ainge is the World’s most infamous Towel Boy.  No one has ever had a Towel Scandal without Danny Ainge being involved, and Danny Ainge has now been involved in TWO different Towel Scandals himself.

There are two other guys in L.A. Sports lore who are more famous for their towels than anything else — Celtic Reserve/Cheerleader M.L. Carr, and Bruin Football’s towel-waving “Coach K” — but only Ainge’s towel shenanigans have brought on NBA investigations.  Several years ago, when Ainge was a Coach, one of his own players — Robert Horry — got so mad at Ainge that he threw a towel at his head.  Horry was suspended for a couple of games, but the idea of Ainge as a respected Leader of  Men was shot to hell forever.  Horry has SEVEN Championships, and no history of bullsh!t.  So maybe Horry did what he did, because Ainge really HAD IT COMING.

Fast forward to 2010, NBA Playoffs.  Ainge is the General Manager of the Celtics, and he attends their game in Cleveland.  And while Boston was already winning the game late in the 3rd Quarter by TWENTY-THREE POINTS, Ainge tried to distract Cavalier Free Throw shooter J.J. Hickson by throwing a towel up in the air behind the glass, in Hickson’s field of view.  It didn’t work… as Hickson sank the shot, but it DID work in displaying Ainge’s true colors, and causing the NBA to fine him $25,000.

Even Ainge now admits that the move was totally unprofessional.  He says that he regrets getting “caught up in the moment,” but that’s only because Hickson didn’t miss.  Besides, how much of a “moment” is it when it’s 80-57?  Ainge was probably proud of the way he chipped in to try to “help” his team, and if it weren’t for all the bad Press, he’d probably do it again… especially if the score was close.  And even then, it would still be BENEATH any other NBA Executive. except the equally-childish Mark Cuban. 

This behavior IS Danny Ainge.  He was the exact same way in college at BYU, and he never grew up in his years as an NBA player.  Apparently, in all the years since then, he still hasn’t.  This whole scenario is reminiscent of Michael “F*ck UCLA” Cooper, who decided that DIGNITY was not a job requirement for a Head Coach (and “Educator”) at u$c.  Cooper also expressed regrets… publically.  But behind closed doors, I bet he brags about his splashy Press Conference ice-breaker.

I’m just glad we don’t have to worry about Dan Guerrero — or Mitch Kupchak — making fools of themselves.


Now… To all my Cheerleading Enthusiasts:

I have a couple of things to share with you on the UCLA Spirit Front.  First of all, I was reminded by a recent comment, that there is a good reason why there were only 10 girls trying out for the Cheer Squad on Sunday.  As part of the Audition process, UCLA holds  several pre-audition auditions, like Heats in Track and Field, and some girls were eliminated in these earlier rounds.  SO… That means that there were a lot more than 10 applicants, the Cheer Squad is still popular and elite, and the 8 winners beat out a lot more people than I saw at Pauley on Sunday.  Thanks B.L, for this reminder.

And item number two comes from that “really nice guy” who was at Pauley on Sunday.  He is a Professional Photographer, who has a special expertise and sparkling reputation for photographing Cheerleaders.  He has even been invited to cover try-outs for the Charger Girls and the Arizona Cardinal Cheerleaders.  He has garnered a lot of knowledge about these things over the years, and like me, his heart went out to the beautiful girls who didn’t make the cut.  In a completely selfless act (he asked for no “credit” or publicity in return), he sent me advice to pass along to all future Cheer applicants, about what it has taken, in his experience, to get selected in these types of auditions.

I hope that no one is offended by these tips, or thinks that he OR I are being condescending, or acting like know-it-alls.  He is simply offering some honest opinions, with no other motive than to help out.  It sounded logical, and he seems trustworthy, so I’m just passing them along.  Hopefully, it will inspire some students to great success in the future.

And sorry, no photos today, but there are still a lot more from the auditions coming soon.  I want to show you some more of the new additions, to make sure you know that, thanks to the 6 returnees, plus the new influx of talent, the Best is staying the Best.

Without further adu-lation, here are those tips…


“Having covered a couple of NFL auditions, this is advice that I think you could give to a prospective UCLA Cheerleader or Dance Teamer:
1) Work on her dance technique.  Sharp, crisp, precise moves.  Moves with power and pop. Full extension on her arms and leg movements.  Some of the girls needed to work on their technique because their body positions and dance movements were sloppy — That would be one way to stand out.
2) Work on her fitness/physique.  The UCLA Dance Team should be fit and trim, have sexy bodies.  Some of the girls at tryouts were a little bit too heavy and just need to firm up a bit.  One was too skinny.  Let’s face it, the uniforms, especially the basketball uniforms, are unforgiving, so if you are not in top shape, it will show.  That’s why NFL auditions require the girls to wear two piece outfits.  And perhaps wear a push up bra to enhance what is there.
3) Game day make up and hair.  Tryouts are like job interviews, you want to dress and look the part.  You want to be all “glam-ed up” because if the judges can visualize what you will look like in the uniform on game day, it makes the job of selling yourself easier.
4) Practice your interview questions.  You may not know precisely what they will ask you, but you should have an idea and prepare for such questions.  Since the Dance Team is in a sense the face of the university, the selection committee wants girls that are articulate, poised and will represent UCLA well. 
Anyway, that would be my advice.  Perhaps you can publish excerpts on your site, since it seems like many of the girls read it.  Keep up with the great work.”


And there you have it.  The ONLY thing that I don’t agree with is the use of the term “glammed up.”  At UCLA, Mollie doesn’t like over-done make-up, and glammed up makes me think of Hookers, or Red Carpet Celebrities, with Movie Make-up pancaked on.  But if he just means freshly-done, neat hair, and sharp, subtle make-up, I get it.  Appearance counts.  All this advice seems like common sense, but maybe seeing it in print will aid someone in concentrating on a certain aspect of their total package, and maybe it will lead to a lifelong dream coming true.  Nothing could make me happier.


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  1. SVCATOSCMO Avatar

    I can tell you why Horry hated Ainge – when the Rockets were playing the Suns in the in the playoffs (’94 I believe), Ainge threw an inbound pass at the face of Mario Elie towards the end of a game the Rockets were winning. Not on accident – everyone knew it was intentional. No call. I wish I could find the video.

    If anyone else remembers this – please comment.