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The trojan Agent/student who got Dillon Baxter suspended with a golf cart ride, has been de-certified as an NFL Agent

So much for being the NFL’s youngest Agent.  Now Teague Egan isn’t an Agent at all.

Thanks to the NFL Players Association showing some Integrity, a whole slew of trojan football players are in need of new representation.  Teague Egan, who claimed to be on the verge of signing contracts with several sc players, just had his card pulled.  Egan, the smarmy trojan student, has been suspended for breaking several rules, most notably giving the ill-fated golf cart ride to Dillon Baxter, despite being specifically warned in advance.

Egan has a video on line where he makes fun of co-eds leaving his apartment the morning after, for doing the “Walk of Shame,” bumping into other girls doing the same thing.  But now it’s Egan doing the Walk of Shame, as he runs back to his rich Daddy, making excuses and asking for money to fund his Appeal.

And it wasn’t just the cart ride that got him busted.  He also had false claims on his website, apparently implying that a trojan lawyer was part of Egan’s First Round Enterprises.  How arrogant is Egan that he thought he could just post bogus information on the Internet about with whom he was affiliated?  Didn’t he think that the guy would notice, and perhaps, object?

But we’re talking about an immature Daddy’s boy trojan, who thinks that he is above the law, and above the need for ethics or truth in advertising.  Guess what — The trojans don’t own the NFL.

There is one other way to look at this whole disaster — Could Egan have really been stupid enough to give the cart ride after being warned by usc?  Maybe they never warned him, but just SAID that they did, in order to keep the SCHOOL out of trouble.  Then they paid him off, to LIE, and say that he was warned.  He figured that that way he’d get in good with sc, and not lose anything except for cart privileges.  Oops.  Play ball with sc, and lose your Agent license.  Nice.

Either way, this guy does not deserve to be certified.  He had to use a loophole to get in, since he didn’t have the required education.  He claimed that he had sufficient negotiating experience based on all his failed business ventures prior to opening First Round.  And $$$$omehow, the NFL accepted him.  Now that they have thrown him out, do they have to refund Daddy’s alleged bribe money?

And speaking of Daddy’s money, how much will it take to get Egan’s Appeal to work?  Hopefully, the NFLPA will blacklist this kid for life, and make him go back to party planning in South Central.  That’s all Egan really is:  A glorified bartender.  In his video, he talks about how “Grey Goose” is the ultimate liquor.  And now, he can get back to pouring it for all the other trojan wannabes.

"TEAGUE EGAN GETS CARTED OFF THE FIELD" was published on December 4th, 2010 and is listed in News from the Dark Side.


  1. Richard Fenner wrote,


    [T-H’s Note: It took me a moment to understand the meaning of this comment, but it finally came to me: During the video interview of Teague Egan online, he kept using the word “crucial,” as in, having leather seats in the cart is crucial, having fancy wheels on the cart is crucial, having a wet bar in his apartment is crucial, having co-eds doing the Walk of Shame is crucial, and drinking lots of Grey Goose is crucial. Therefore, EXCELLENT comment — Telling Teague that having his Agent’s license is crucial, too.]

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