The Mustard Falls Off the Hotdog — Current L.A. Laker and ex-trojan Nick “Swaggy P” Young gets accused of lewd behavior and sexually harassing a woman — and her mother — at an intersection in Hollywood

What a Swagoff.  You can take the player out of u$c, but you can’t take the u$c out of the player.  Ex-trojan showboat Nick Young, who currently plays for the worst Los Angeles Lakers team of all time, picked the wrong woman to harass at a stoplight.  When Young pulled his SUV up to a signal at the corner of LaBrea and Melrose, little did he know that the woman he was about to make sexual gestures at was a respected advocate against the very transgression that he was performing.

Well prior to the incident in question, the victimized driver had already been in contact with the NBA, to promote her campaign against the League’s players capitalizing on their celebrity status by their committing acts of sexual aggression and misconduct.  So when Young and his teammate went on the Offensive, they were really entering the lion’s cage, without a whip or a chair.

It’s bad enough to attack the woman leading the drive to stamp out this egregious behavior, but when you do it to HER MOTHER,  you are really just ASKING for it.  The Lakers quickly apologized and tried to sweep this under the rug, while Young — in true trojan fashion — totally denied the accusations despite two respected witnesses/victims.

So this whole thing will blow over and go away, as the Lakers and NBA will placate the victims by donating to and helping promote their cause.  So unfortunately, we will never know exactly what Young did.  Too bad there was apparently no traffic cam in place to capture it.  But we can speculate:  The first and obvious guess would be the time-tested and enduring “fellatio gesture,” with Young’s tongue making his cheek go in and out repeatedly.  Of course, it could have been the basic “fap,” perhaps with a full release and happy ending.  And because there were two women in the accosted car, maybe he employed the 2-V scissors gesture.  And that’s just the tip of the disgusting iceberg.  NONE of this is okay.

How scary to have a big Black vehicle pull up to you and have two gigantic “men” start gesticulating in a sexual manner at you.  For all you know, they will get out of their vehicle and into yours, or force you off the road in a carjacking, which would lead to much worse crimes.  So even if this was just two guys just being silly and playful — “boys” will be boys — it doesn’t FEEL that way to the two women being targeted.  The Mom almost had a heart attack because she was so appalled and scared.  Nick Young has been around a while — He should know better.  But… once a trojan, always a trojan.  And trojans have a long history of disrespecting women.  So, assuming the victims’ account is accurate, I guess Young is truly a trojan for life.